losing Apple and Samsung: Smartphone Market Shares

According to Apple's sales and turnover figures for the fourth quarter, there is now the market shares of IDC. Apple and Samsung have suffered a decline - the winners are somewhat surprising.

losing Apple and Samsung: Smartphone Market Shares

The sagging iPhone sales and the note-7 debacle bring the two largest smartphone maker in an uncomfortable situation. Samsung and Apple had namely lost market share in the third quarter. Compared to last year it hit most severely Samsung. Of 83.8 million units sold, the volume dropped to 72.5 million. In relation to the overall market Samsung currently holds 20 percent and has issued 3.3 percentage points over the previous year.

Apple suffers

Now, one might speculate that Apple has picked up the volume from Samsung, however, is not the case. Even with Apple's sales figures have declined. 12.5 percent of devices sold in the third quarter were iPhones. In the same period of last year, the proportion was 13.4 percent. The coming quarter will probably be better for Apple, because by the grade-7 disaster are probably many iPhone to grab 7 Plus. Tim Cook has already animated the disappointed Samsung customers to change and invited. In addition, Apple could now increase the production of the iPhone 7 Plus devices and stabilize, so that the holiday shopping season can start and every potential customer gets a phablet also the same without the hassle of delivery times.

The winners come from the Middle Kingdom


Now, as the two largest producers have lost, who won? The Chinese! Huawei is currently at No. 3, has experienced a growth of 1.7 percent and currently holds 9.3 percent. OPPO follows behind with a market share of 7 percent. Compared to the same period last year, the manufacturer was able to almost double the number of units sold. Vivo was able to double the sales figures in the third quarter, holding at 5.9 percent. The remaining producers are listed under "Other" and also suffered a decline of 4.2 percentage points.

As a whole, the smartphone market has grown somewhat. Compared to the same period last year the volume of smartphones by 2.4 million units (about 1 percent) has grown.

Source: IDC via MacRumors

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