Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: All Achievements and Trophies – Guide to 100%

Over seven years, we have been waiting for a sequel &# 8211; on June 9, it is finally here: In Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst Faith follows again the red and running, this time by an open town called Glass. Do you want to play through the course's successor 100 percent, we'll tell you in this guide all Achievements and Trophies to Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst.

Soon you can with again Faith climb, slide and run on white objects. Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst but is not because of its predecessor linear levels. Rather, it sprints through the open world Glass with many different neighborhoods. In addition, Faith does not yet possess all runners properties that we know from the first part at the beginning. So you can you progress through the game upgrade. Turns her the upgrades free or complete any side quests, get her number Achievements and Trophies for Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst, we show you below.

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst in the test


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Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst &# 8211; All successes, achievements and trophies

Because of the open world in Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst you have not only an exciting main mission before you. There is a variety Side missions on you. So you have, for example, packages deliver within a specified time and the same time ensure that the goods does not break. The developers also added a number of features regarding Social Plays. So you test yourself in Dashes, the other players can choose. This is to race through the different neighborhoods of Glass.

Mirror&# 039; s Edge Catalyst in the Collector&buy s Edition now; # 039

Also Collectibles come in Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst not too short. So must find or chop displays their microchips. Photographs and documents tell you additional details about the convoluted history around monitoring and the powerful companies KrugerSec. In the next section you will find all the trophies and achievements of Mirror&# 8217; s Edge. 2

The huge, open world of Mirror's Edge Catalyst beschert euch auch eine Menge Erfolge.

The huge, open world of Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst given you a lot of success.

Successes Mirror&# 8217; s Edge 2 in detail

total wait 50 trophies and 49 Achievements on you. The PS4 Trophies can be found together with the Xbox-One Achievements in the following table:

mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-eliteThe absolute eliteplatinum-
Obtain all the trophies of Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-ballkoeniginbelle of the ballsilvergamerscore-35a
Do the following in succession by: skipping, sliding, jumping, wallclimb, turn, jump, Wallrun, turn, jump and rewinding.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-performance hoechstmaximum powergoldgamerscore-70
Achieved a three-star rating in all Dashes in the main game.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-full awarenessfull disclosuregoldgamerscore-70
Fund raising all GridLeaks in Glass.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-all-drum-offWith everything includedgoldgamerscore-70
Faith is buying all upgrades.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-free-bahnThe way is clearsilvergamerscore-35a
Buys half of Faiths upgrades.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-private detectivePrivate detective Connorssilvergamerscore-35a
Find all the hidden pockets in Glass.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-storytellerstorytellersilvergamerscore-35a
Find all photographs and documents on Glass.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-reunionreunionbronzegamer core 15
Take your old life.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-flyLearn to flybronzegamer core 15
Takes off with some old friends.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes and black-listOn its blacklistbronzegamer core 15
Escapes with a gift from an old enemy.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-disastercatastrophebronzegamer core 15
Witness of a terrible event.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes repaymentrepaymentbronzegamer core 15
Settle your debts at Doge.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-forgottenunforgettablebronzegamer core 15
Avenge them.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-enemy-foeThe enemy of my enemybronzegamer core 15
to get help addiction Black November.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes blitz theftlightning theftbronzegamer core 15
Resistance is futile.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-little-girlLittle girl foundbronzegamer core 15
Revealing the identity of Kruger's deadliest assistant.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-the-lightinto the lightbronzegamer core 15
Escapes from the heart of darkness.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-destructed-dreamdestroyed dreamsbronzegamer core 15
Take what belongs to him and destroyed it.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-blood-is-thickerBlood is thicker than anything elsebronzegamer core 15
Kruger defeated.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-know-makingKnowledge is powerbronzegamer core 15
Completes all missions by Plastic.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-downtown-girlDowntown Girlbronzegamer core 15
Includes all other missions in the Downtown.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-not-perishI will not go downbronzegamer core 15
Includes all other missions in Anchor.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes Building Blocksbuilding blocksbronzegamer core 15
Includes all other missions in the projects.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-seekerviewfinderbronzegamer core 15
Includes all other missions in the view.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-botengaengeErrandssilvergamerscore-35a
Completes all side missions.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-first-stepsFirst stepsbronzegamer core 15
Buys Faith's second upgrade.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-praised-runBlessed be the Runbronzegamer core 15
Achieved full focus and keep him upright.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-network-enabled-Runner calledcapable Runner calledbronzegamer core 15
Does the following: diving board, Wall Climb, turn, jump, squat, rolling.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-experienced-Runner calledexperienced Runner calledbronzegamer core 15
Performs the following: relocation, Wallrun, jump, squat, rolling, shifting.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-Thrust-traceusestubborn Traceusebronzegamer core 15
Performs the following: Wallrun, turn, jump, wallclimb, turn, jump, wallclimb, rotation, Anchor.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-sebs-cheeringSeb cheersbronzegamer core 15
Performs the following: displacement springboard Wallrun, pipe momentum rolling.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-risk areadanger areabronzegamer core 15
Achieved full focus and turns off 10 opponents, before it is depleted.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-hey'm da-IHey, here I am again!bronzegamer core 15
Turns out an opponent with an attack from above.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes Elegant-runelegant runbronzegamer core 15
Delivering a fragile package from undamaged.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-unnoticed-billowUnnoticed wavebronzegamer core 15
Disables any GridNode without KrugerSec noticed your presence.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-dachlaeuferinroof runnerbronzegamer core 15
Closes 10 Dashes from the main game.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes express deliveryExpress Deliverybronzegamer core 15
Deliver 10 packages.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-combat-systemFight against the systembronzegamer core 15
Completes 15 display hacks and rescues.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-long fingerthievesbronzegamer core 15
Located at 10 electronic parts from conglomerate terminals.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-battle-seenI've seen you in battlebronzegamer core 15
Destroy all security guards.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-user-created promUser-created finalbronzegamer core 15
Takes out a Time Trial Challenge created by a user.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-unstoppableunstoppablebronzegamer core 15
Reaches a user-created beat L.E.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes, scaryCreepybronzegamer core 15
Fits your Echo individually.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-huge-rumbleTime for a huge rumblebronzegamer core 15
Crack the shell first, and then what's inside.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-the-glassThe. Is. Glass.bronzegamer core 15
Overthrows the KrugerSec guns into the abyss.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-retaliation attackretaliatory attackbronzegamer core 15
Bring back to you what was taken from you.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-hacker-timeHacker-timebronzegamer core 15
Hoe. Tick ​​Tock. Run. Repeated the whole.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-georges-garrisonGeorges garrisonbronzegamer core 15
Does the following: diving board, strut swing, jump, Wall Climb, turn, jump, squat.
mirror-s-edge Catalyst successes-abidingLaw-abiding citizenbronzegamer core 15
A good Cascadierin follow the rules.

Read on us, like her in Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst uses the Runner vision and which enemy waiting for you.

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