My experience with “We Buy Your Car”

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At first, a Happy New Year! Hopefully you all came in better than me! (New Year's Eve with fever and body aches afternoon to bed, until this morning halfway approachable) ...


Currently is on television reinforces the advertising "We Buy Your Car" (I soon onto WKDA). As I have already used the company / used, I wanted to share my experience in this blog article. Maybe this will help you in the event of a sale on.


Let's start times. It's the year 2014, December, shortly before the new year. My Volvo C30 is older and in me the desire for a new, old cars is growing. To be precise, after a Jaguar XJ6, which I have already observed a few days.


The piece to be soldThe piece to be sold prior to be told that I my C30 continuously at the same workshop (Volvo) was in maintenance and that the checkbook to 200,000 km was maintained across the board. Since my dealer my C30 knew best, I first hopeful on which turned me and got an offer 3.300 €. For an 8-year-old car with 200,000 kilometers on the clock with complete history and a new price at the time of 33,900 € is not really much. But it's just a Volvo and Volvo have a tremendous loss of value. I felt at that time also when buying known ... No matter Karl. We can see yes what happens.


Back then appeared at Auto Scout to an advertisement to WKDA which I clicked interested (yes, I do not use Adblocker but on each side). I was there all my car details on (of course, no personal data) and have the - Attention! - retail prices of WKDA seen. In addition there was the hint that any additional features such as leather, xenon lights and other "beauties" are not taken into account and that an appointment would be useful in a base on site.


Offer by sideOffer by Page Up the homepage WKDA the C30 with 3.517 € + special equipment was offered. So for sale. That would ever almost 200 € more than it offered Volvo. Interested I have arranged an appointment and went to the base to Bremen. Although it is slightly off the beaten track in the world, but absolutely fine.


one was arrived greeted warmly and the "auditors" asked for a test drive. Here my C30 was checked. tested clutch, gearbox, funny noises and so on. Luckily, everything was fine (although I'm very fussy there!). Out the remaining audit was conducted. It was all carefully checked. Vehicle data recorded, took pictures, checked Macken (the driver's door was repainted after it times fine had contact) and 19 ", he photographed the rim. As a little bonus, there was the service booklet including bills to do so.


Well, the assessment and price determination will not be made at the base, but in the central Berlin (if I understood correctly). All the data (photos and Co) were driven via tablet to Berlin and then we had to wait. Approximately 10 minutes later, there was the answer. Unfortunate way the price was lower than on the homepage of WKDA reported. Despite more facilities and the actual perfect condition (insofar as there is no visually and technically more perfect C30 on the market - as soon as something decency, it was fixed IMMEDIATELY Except for a quirk in a rim there were no quirks.).


The offered price was somewhere around 3,400 €. However, my desire price was 4,500 € (I would privately also get a lot of patience). I went behind to a fellow trader who had € 4,000 just offered me so because I am Either way, I would get just under 4,000 €. but does nothing.


improved offerNachgebessertes AngebotIch was looking forward to 4000 € befriended by me to get the beautiful XJ Sport, when my cell phone rang. WKDA asked for recall. Okay, called and a friendly, nice lady on the phone told me that the price quoted is inconsistent and that the colleague / colleague, who carried out a review in Berlin, was wrong. It bolstered to 4,500 € and asked if I was interested now.


Before I wanted to turn it down, I was thinking inwardly: faster sales, faster procurement of the XJ or possibly endure longer and still hope for more money through a private sale? The merchant in me came through and I said a sale over the phone. Fortunately, as I two days later, the XJ bought


Full yard!Full court! The procedure followed was absolutely smoothly. The payments flowed immediately. Vehicle was signed off for me. I would have liked to keep my license plate as mementos, but these went to a charity ... I got a few days later a confirmation in the form of a scan from the vehicle registration certificate with the "devaluation" by a district in Berlin.


In summary, the process was good, and I think that the "Calculation Agent" in Berlin holds on purpose a second offer. Once around the customer possibly fob off with a lower price. If the customer refuses, and the vehicle is really worth money, I can imagine that you get a better deal in a few days.


So if at a decent (!) Price Moeche sell without problems his car shortly, is in good hands with WKDA. I do not regret it and can only try to share my positive experience.

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