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2010 World Cup, here we come! Show in this free browser game 11&# 215; 11 that you can bring your team to the world title. In the football manager game, manage it are creating you own football club and testing yourself in online leagues, friendly matches and compete with thousands of real opponents. So it is even possible to you to be your own World Cup to play online and to try with your team to soccer world champion for the occasion of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

After free registration, your team is automatically created. You can then, for example, a friendly match against another team contest or directly participate in a tournament. With each victory you win experience and can take part in championships and tournaments attend to your rank in the browser football manager to increase.

11&# 215; 11 runs entirely in a browser window and requires no installation. You can play where you have access to the Internet, whether Windows, Mac or Linux. It from anywhere

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