Audi RS4 Avant (2018): Technical data, images – The ancestor as a model

Exchange cylinder against Turbos: the new Audi RS4 Avant a V6 twin-turbo petrol engine replaces the old naturally aspirated V8. More power does not exist, it is faster anyway.

Audi RS4 Avant: The station wagon gets a V6 turbo with 450 hp
Audi RS4 Avant: The station wagon gets a V6 turbo with 450 hp


Frankfurt - Audi goes back to the origin. Finally, the sport wagon RS4 drove much speed with eight cylinders and prefer. But when in 1999 the first generation came on the market, put a V6 with two turbos under his hood. The base came from the weaker S4. For the RS4 is revised the engine comprehensively.

2017, this history repeats: Again puts a V6 in the RS4, again comes the base of the little brother (Audi S4, 3.0 liters, 354 hp, 500 Nm). With a second Turbo the power rises to PS 450 and 600 Nm Torque. For the durability shorter connecting rods reduce compaction. In addition, the capacity drops to 2.9 liters. So that the new RS4 not get more performance than its predecessor, but much more torque.

Audi RS4 Avant: 4.1 seconds to 100, 280 tip

The technique of the RS4 comes almost unchanged from the Audi RS5 The technique of the RS4 comes almost unchanged from the Audi RS5 Source: That was in sight. In RS5 Audi finally drives the same tactic. Both models are technically closely related. The drives are from the current "KoVOMo" generation (Group V-Otto engines). Your exhaust manifold sit between the cylinder heads. Experts call "hot V" of one. Thus, the exhaust gas paths are shortened to the turbochargers, the engine responds more spontaneous. The handlers run in parallel, the one cylinder bank drives a Turbo.

An eight-speed automatic transmission, the power reaches all wheels. Previous Audi upgraded from a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. But the high torque of the turbo engine can withstand a converter better. Optionally, there is a sport differential for the rear axle.

With 1,790 kg curb weight of the RS4 60 kilos more than an Audi RS5 predominates. Walking on consumption and Sprint strength: According to the data of the RS4 runs in 4.1 seconds to 100 and injects fuel 8.8 liters per 100 kilometers. The RS5 under offers him to 0.1 liters and 0.2 seconds. Both cars run pace 250 tip. Surcharge to 280 km / h.

Thickness baking and oval tubes

Audi RS4: look into the cockpit Audi RS4: look into the cockpit Source: In addition to power and all-wheel RS models get always a wider body at Audi. Is the RS4 also this: The wheel arches are more exposed to three centimeters than the basic model. are added large wraparound oval tailpipes and seven millimeters Lowering against an A4 with sports suspension. Surcharge Audi installed an adaptive suspension, ceramic brakes and a dynamic steering.

Orders for the new RS4 Audi will meet soon. start deliveries early 2018th The base price is 79,800 Euros. The first contact with the public there at the IAA in Frankfurt.

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