Star Ocean 5: Western release dates confirmed

Star Ocean: faithlessness & Integrity &# 8211; or simply Star Ocean 5 &# 8211; will also appear in the West. Hooray!


Star Ocean - Integrity and faithlessness: Announcement Trailer

Yes, Star Ocean: Integrity and faithlessness will also appear in the West. This has now confirmed Square Enix. During the role play in Japan appear on March 31 for the PlayStation 4 on April 28, a PlayStation 3 port receives, the PS4 variant is little also appear in the west later. a concrete date was not mentioned, but the release will take place sometime in the summer.

Once an exact date will be announced, we report it. The story of the new game is between the events of Star Ocean: The Second Storyand Star Ocean: Till the End of Time settled. Your leads a party of seven colleagues, between which you can switch at any time without problems in combat.

star ocean 5

Source: Destructoid

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