Bixby soon learns Talk: Samsung distributed updates in Germany

Apparently, Samsung has also come to the conclusion that a digital assistant without voice capabilities has not have a high life expectancy. Several updates, months after the release in the lee of the Galaxy S8, bring a talking Bixby finally within reach - a feature even works already.

Bixby soon learns Talk: Samsung distributed updates in Germany

Bixby currently can only dream to be on a par with Alexa, Cortana and Siri. So ambitious Samsung might be so incomplete digital assistant from Seoul looks even. but at least it is progressing in baby steps, Bixby but gradually learns to speak. After Bixby voice was only available in South Korea first, last month was followed by the English equivalent in the US. However, outside of North America, such as in the UK, English speakers waited in vain for the feature - from Germany or other countries not to mention.

Bixby updates: Samsung prepares multilingual speech functions

But the wait has apparently coming to an end - in the face of the approaching Galaxy Note 8 which is to be expected. These days Samsung distributed several updates related to Bixby, whose functionality is split into Bixby, Bixby PLM, Bixby Wakeup, Bixby Dictation, Bixby Global Action and a few other apps. The report's colleagues SamMobile. Thus, those updates have been sighted among others in the UK, South Africa, India, Germany and the Netherlands.

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Still Bixby Voice is not yet enabled in said countries. This is clear from various user reports. However, at least ever get the voice recorder works in Germany, according to SamMobile - thus more bad than good, but still. The feature is accessible via the official Samsung keypad, which leads its own Bixby button.

With us in the editorial addressed the updates have not yet arrived by the way, but perhaps some of our readers? If so, your experiences in the comments are welcome.

Source: SamMobile via Curved

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