Heimdall: cross-platform alternative to Odin

The Gods Must Be Crazy! Samsung's flash tool Odin lets you rooting and uploading of ROMs on devices from Samsung's Galaxy series, without having to unlock the bootloader &# 8211; but requires a Windows computer. The open source application Heimdall provides these capabilities for the three major desktop operating systems Windows, Linux and OS X.

Heimdall: cross-platform alternative to Odin

Odin is a Samsung internal program is used in the research laboratories of the South Koreans to unceremoniously firmware different Galaxy devices &# 8211; both smartphones and tablets &# 8211; update directly. Thus, in order, for example, updates comfortable tested. Moreover, it comes in before the bootloader of the smartphone and can therefore actually already presumed dead ( "gebrickten") breathe new life smartphones, by exchanging the corrupt boot image with a functioning. Although officially only available internally, new versions of the application appear in relevant forums again and again that leaken from obscure sources.

However, since the software is proprietary, first and second, only available for Windows, it was broken by clever developers copied for multiple platforms and christened Heimdall. While Odin is primarily designed to flash complete, tar-packed images, Heimdall mainly offers the ability to override individual system parts specifically. So it is easy to bring one equipped with root privileges and Busybox kernel on a device without modifying anything on the ROM itself. This is exactly what has Andreas, in his friend's androidnext editorial illustrated in the following video.

Who already turns away overwhelmed at the sight of the console, be reassured: Heimdall offers on all three platforms and a comfortable graphical interface that rivals the Odin in anything. Overview below explains their options in detail. of course, require a supported version of Heimdall for each system used to find on the developer website, and a firmware tarball or component thereof, which is to be overwritten on the smartphone, such as a modified ROM and / or a gerooteter kernel , Unlike Odin, need to flash a complete system whose components are extracted from the tarball. For this, has (on Windows) to a program like 7-Zip.

The following list explains the first of each file. This is followed by a brief explanation of what files are required to perform the most common operations - rooting the device or to transfer a complete ROM.

  • pit &# 8211; This file defines the partitions in the internal memory, such as system and cache.
  • Primary FS &# 8211; The files for the primary partition, so the basic system.
  • kernel &# 8211; The kernel that is used by the system.
  • Param.lfs &# 8211; Contains any imagery that is needed before the system start, such as the background image of the fastboot mode.
  • Primary Bootloader &# 8211; The first boot loader that loads only the second boot loader into RAM.
  • Secondary bootloader &# 8211; The second boot loader that is responsible for loading the system.
  • cache &# 8211; Settings for the cache partition.
  • Database &# 8211; The SQLite database system.
  • modem &# 8211; The software, which is responsible for the connection to the wireless network.
  • Recovery &# 8211; The recovery system can be replaced here by alternatives such as Amon Ra or the now popular ClockworkMod Recovery.

For all modifications with Heimdall, the device must be put into download mode. For this one turns it off first and restarts by simultaneously pressing on / off, Home and Volume Down and holding. Then you start Heimdall and closes the smartphone or tablet via a USB cable to the computer. There, the device should now be detected.

To flash a complete ROM, one which invites zipped files from a forum or SamFirmware (free registration required) downloaded and extracted. The files should be named according to their function, and so it is easy to insert them into the appropriate categories of user interface. If all files are selected, you start the process with the start button. At the end of the device should reboot and present the new firmware. Important: ROMs that were created for custom recoveries as ClockworkMod, can not be flash with Heimdall / Odin!

If you want to keep the current ROM and only gain root privileges, so you only need Recovery and cache images that make this possible (CF-Root). This one will download in a zip file. In contrast to use with Odin, unpack not only this but also the tarball contained. The recovery and it contains cache Images can now be opened in the appropriate fields. Click on the Start button the file will be flashed in this case and the device restarts. In order to equip applications with root privileges, you still need an app that manages these rights. The most common are SuperSU and superuser to get both free in the Play Store.

Although Heimdalls advantage is to make modifications to the smartphone or tablet as safe as possible, here is, as always, a word of warning attached: Incorrect procedure, especially the separation of Android device and computer before full implementation of the changes, it can lead to complications to equipment damage. Who uses Heimdall does this at your own risk!

Note: At the time of writing the official developer page is no longer accessible for days. As an alternative provides a GitHub repository files available for all operating systems. We recommend downloading the 1.3.1 version because the current publication provides some devices for problems.

download: Superuser (Free)
Superuser (Free) QR Code

download: SuperSU (Free)
SuperSU (Free) QR Code

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