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Blur is an arcade style racing game in which the opponent is engaged in realistic looking accidents with so-called power-ups. The game was developed for both consoles and for PC and offers all users of gameplay. In multiplayer real opponents can race against each other online in the social network, as well as live on the console. It's not for kind-hearted players who want to ride a harmless race. The accident scenarios look real in the 3D look and lend additional thrill.

With Blur, players deliver hot races through original reproduction of cities and fight each other with powerups. The game offers 55 car models known manufacturers who licensed incorporated into the game and determine events in realistic graphics. The exciting thing about the race is the unpredictability of actions &# 8211; it is not just about racing alone, even at the merciless battle for places with all available means. This call powerups and can be picked up on the road. As we know from Super Mario Kart, whose template is also been incorporated into the advertising campaign of the game. However, Blur is a version with more action, more power and more realistic accidents. In comparison, it can be seen for adults as a sort of Super Mario Kart.

With photo real 3D graphics, the game offers a realistic environment in which the races are better experienced. All cars get added real damage in the game and can be repaired in the garage again. There, the player gets new car models in the course of the game and has such a career progress. In split screen friends can race against each other extend, or in online mode with multiple players in front of the console.

The game features hot street fight with cars, therefore suitable for all friends of action-packed racing games. After the children's version in Super Mario Kart the game now is for adult gamers who know how it can go off on the road. Therefore collect along nerves and get started.

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