Amazon Underground: New shopping app free apps and games

Amazon has released a new shopping app for Android called Amazon Underground. This provides a wealth of at first glance free apps and games worth several thousand euros, the e-retailer - and even in-app purchases will be free. Amazon but not marketed its offer as "free", but as "ActuallyFree", in German: "actually" or "really free" - what it's all about, we explain in the article. With the launch of Underground also belongs to the traditional free app of the day of the past. 

Amazon Underground: New shopping app free apps and games

here goes&# 039; s to Amazon Underground

 Amazon Underground: #ActuallyFree not mean completely free

Amazon strives for mobile shopping to keep its customers - not only for "real" goods, but also for digital goods, such as apps and games. To give paragraphs latter category a new push, Amazon has released the new app "Amazon Underground". The setup is similar at first glance, the conventional shopping app, but also owns the underground Apps tab in the sub-category apps and games.

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In this section, Android applications can be found that can free you and to only purchase in Google's Play Store. In some of the apps offered even in-app purchases are free. How Amazon funded this new offering, however, is somewhat questionable - this is indicated by the words "ActuallyFree" on any app icon. Because after the first start one of these underground apps the user is advertising displayed. Even if the user restarts or # ActuallyFree app calling from standby, is again seen an advertising display. This is accompanied by a new payment model for the developers of the apps, as they are paid by a time model - the more intensively you use an application, the more money is given to developers of Amazon.

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This means for the user of the app that Amazon knows exactly how many start an application and how long they will be used in each case. Customers of the offer should therefore be aware that it is monitored literally as users of the Underground apps. Who reconciles himself with can draw on a range of over 450 free apps that have a value of several thousand euros, according to Amazon. Its facilities include, among others, the Goat simluátor as well as "The Ice Queen" and "Badlands" and "Sonic Dash". The Rovio games Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space also the in-app purchases are free. Not only games can be found on Amazon Underground, but also apps like Office Suite Professional 8, Weather Online Pro and the route planner Komoot including the complete offline map material.

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Install Amazon Underground App - important&# 8217; s

To install the Amazon App underground, you have to using their smartphone or tablet, the website*Amazon Underground: New shopping app free apps and games view and download the APK. Before installing it is necessary to activate in the settings under "Security" the installation of apps from "unsafe sources" or "unknown origin".

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here goes&# 039; s to Amazon Underground

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