FIFA 16: Manager tasks in Ultimate Team – Checklist and reward

As in previous years, there is to do 16 Ultimate Team Manager some tasks this season at FIFA. This should bring you some features in more detail. Who bites through all 18 specific tasks, also can look forward to a reward.

FIFA 16: Manager tasks in Ultimate Team - Checklist and reward

Below you will find an overview of all managerial duties. so you have to do to get at the end of a gift in Ultimate Team learn. The tasks are carried out quickly and can be even without investment of coins or even do real money. As a reward, there is a free gold set, for this reason you should managers tasks as quickly as possible do.

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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FIFA 16: Manager tasks in Ultimate team for 1 free Gold set

Most tasks are "on the fly" anyway performed in everyday life in Ultimate Team. Other missions such. As the use of a Dream-squad player, however, do not belong to the usual tasks in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.

  • Change the club name
  • Obliging a Players out on loan
  • Play your first game in a tournament
  • Play a game-seasons
  • Buy an item on the transfer market
  • Offer a player on the transfer market
  • Games against the Team of the Week
  • Turning a contract object
  • Turning a fitness object
  • Turning a Chemistry-style object to
  • Change your club jersey
  • Change your club ball
  • Change your club crest
  • Change your club stadium
  • Create a new team
  • Add your team a dream squad player added: Swaps this a player from within your active team. Selects it at the bottom for the filters a "Dream-squad player" for the search.
  • Replace a legend-Squad player
  • Share a team with 100 chemistry

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FIFA 16: Manager perform tasks in Ultimate team and get reward

The progress on the mini-missions in Ultimate Team, as well as an overview of the open Manager tasks can you see the appropriate menu on the Ultimate team overview. How to get more tips and tricks on how you can earn coins 16 Ultimate Team in FIFA.

FIFA 16: Manager tasks in Ultimate Team - Checklist and reward

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