Konami: As successful as Metal Gear Solid – no AAA title this year?

All controversies surrounding Hideo Kojima Metal Gear Solid 5 is Phantom Pain seems defiance but sold very good to have. For the current year, however, Konami seems to have been planned any AAA title.


Metal Gear Solid V - Launch Trailer

Konami seems to have developed in the last year as the new EA game industry. Not because we are dealing with a contender for the leadership, but because various processes have provided within the publisher's displeasure and fan frustration. Above all, of course, are the sacking of Hideo Kojima and the setting of the planned Silent Hills. these events of rumors about inhumane working conditions and the alleged cessation of console games in favor of mobile games and pachinko machines were framed. And despite all the fans who have turned their backs on Konami, the publisher seems to have yet cashed. At the recent quarterly results, the Japanese company reported a revenue increase of 37.5 percent and a profit increase of 62.6 percent, which is mainly due to the success of Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain.

Konami Kojima prohibits participation in the Game Awards!

To the action title, there were namely new sales. As Konami announces Metal Gear Solid 5 is Phantom Pain has sold more than 6 million times. Whether the game so now is also in the profit sector, however, is unclear. Rumored to be exactly the boundary 6 million games since the development cost was extremely high. At least the sales but were boosted.

Whether the upward trend will continue this year, however, is questionable. The quarterly report can be found in which games Konami have planned for the near future that is also. And on that list, there are only two tracks to ever reach the West, but no AAA games. Only ever a Yu-Gi-Oh game for Nintendo 3DS in the summer and the mobile platforms iOS and Android in the spring are therefore planned for this year.

Whether Konami will ever bring this year a significant play in the West, apart from Pro Evolution Soccer, is therefore questionable. Time will show as always.

Konami is not so bad!

So Metal Gear Solid sold even better

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