Star Wars 7: New details villain of the upcoming trilogy

Rumors, Speculation &# 8211; and thus Spoiler &# 8211; condense respect &# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243; becoming a credible story. It seems to already known through various publications and set photos &# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243; about runs and who takes over the role. The latest suggestion fits in with previous details, but reached a level that the entire &# 8220; Star Wars&# 8221; seems to make universe upside down.

Star Wars 7: New details villain of the upcoming trilogy
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There is a point to which speculation to action of &# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243;, Role occupations and other little things to be fun. To see how various source and Fan reports a credible story of &# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243; create any film fan will delight. The latest rumor to &# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243 ;, which we here as a precaution fat spoiler declare, but leaves only large eyes, frown and almost fainting. The colleagues of making Star Wars, which published the possible spoiler, point out that the following scene description the pleasure &# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243; to see, could thoroughly diminish.

So the following applies: At your own risk! A potentially big spoiler follows!

Should you want to not read on, you can at least with a look at our &# 8220; Star Wars 7&revel -Set Gallery in anticipation; # 8,243th

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This is what Star Wars 7 from: First pictures from the set (update)

You want to know it yet? You have been warned:

As we already know, the discovery of a severed hand and a lightsaber means that the characters of Daisy Ridley and John Boyega embark on the search for the owner. Han Solo (Harrison Ford() And ChewbaccaPeter Mayhew) That in between apparently their legendary Millennium Falcon to the figure of Oscar Isaac have lost, they want to support.

Meanwhile, the leader of the stormtrooper unit, which also John Boyega once belonged goes, played by &# 8220; Game of Thrones&# 8221; -Star Gwendoline Christie, on the hunt for the troops. At the same time shapes itself &# 8211; and probably for decades &# 8211; in the background an evil power of inquisitors that were once hired by Darth Vader personally hunting down Jedi.

Their leader is a cyborg with deep red eyes, which should be already be seen on the following picture:


So far, everything seemed to come down to the fact that Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) Is the goal of the Force for Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Co. as they from him the saving solution and help hope.

the following rumor proves true, it turns out: Luke Skywalker IS the leader of the Inquisitors and thus the bad side of the force has turned. A fact that makes Ridley's character from the faith and the plot twist of &# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243; to advance.

This begs the question: Can J.J. Abrams and his screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan really go that far? So far, sounded the presumed story of &# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243; absolutely exciting, refreshing and imaginative. The leader of the inquisitors apply a new villain, appeared to be the best idea. But Luke Skywalker as chief villain of the new trilogy? But as Bucks something&# 8230;

Let's just hope that this may yet is a hoax and perhaps Adam Driver takes on the role of the arch-enemy.

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