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Based on the same technology as Google Chrome web browser that allows fast browsing, while providing many operating and adjustment.

Those who appreciate the speed of Google Chrome, but would like to have some more ways to control the program and use for which the lean and fast browser Slimjet is exactly right. The program is based on the Blink engine, which is also behind Google Chrome. Therefore, in Slimjet all add-ons and plug-ins that exist for this work.

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Slimjet browser download is Chrome-compatible - and more

In addition, the developers implement some useful features in Slimjet. A toolbar can be equipped with buttons that lead to a click on certain sites and features &# 8211; Sun shares for example to Facebook wizard who uploads a link, a text or an image directly to social media or service. The Form Wizard offers more than the standard password manager from Chrome and fills several fields of online access pages.


For Youtube Slimjet Browser provides a download function, with which you can transfer to your own computer the clip even converted as MP3 in any format or. Who wants to upload photos to an album that can handle the limited data rate in this direction elegantly by Slimjet compress images. This should go up to 20 times faster than normal. In addition, you can also add previously jewelry frame or other effects.

Slimjet knows several languages

The Slimjet browser download even offers a weather service &# 8211; if he knows what it looks like in your region, you have to look. If you want a foreign website or translate a text, the program also helps on. In addition to the two fixed installable options, there are also portable versions for 32 bit and 64 bit.

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