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Golf is not necessarily the most common sport under the sun, but is still regarded as a sport of the rich and famous. However, virtual golf games prove yet again to be extremely successful. With OGC Open is now a free browser game that brings the sport closer to you.


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Who does not know her? Robben, Ribery, Ronaldo, Messi&# 8230; the best football players are known throughout Germany. In golf, sports, however, the looks different. Tiger Woods is almost a household name, he was for many years the bestverdienenste athletes in the world, but that it was mostly already.

That you can do better and make your name known, you can now with &# 8220; OGC Open &# 8211; The Online Golf Challenge&# 8221; to prove. For this, you need to create your own character you first. Unlike many other browser games you choose here not just from a few pre-made faces, but recreating a very individual character, composed of dozens of different T-shirts, shirts, pants, hairstyles and facial expressions. Overall, there are so more than 380,000 possible combinations &# 8211; here actually looks no Avatar, as the other.

Have you adjusted your character to your satisfaction, you enter with it already the green of the grass and beat your balls hundreds of yards through the air. Always with the aim to land as close to the hole &# 8211; or perhaps even to land sometime a hole in one.

After each game you will gain experience points for your favorite golfer that you can invest in various skills. Then you'll be able to hit or aim precisely. To get to the challenging courses that is badly needed: This you switch that is free only when you have earned the needed points in less severe matches.

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    OGC Open Trailer 1

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