Samsung Bixby 2.0: From Galaxy S8 to conquer the smart world

Samsung's voice assistant Bixby has not been able to enforce such right. That should change with Bixby 2.0: The company now only blows right to attack Amazon Alexa, Google and Siri Assistant.

Samsung Bixby 2.0: From Galaxy S8 to conquer the smart world
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Bixby: So far no Alexa, Assistant and Siri-killer

Bixby is an important feature of the Galaxy S8 - so Samsung is applying its own voice recognition assistant, at least. So far, however Bixby could not convince as many customers apparently. After the wizard rather annoyed some users even Samsung had to respond, through which the Bixby button was completely disable with an update.


Bixby Voice: Weather

Bixby 2.0 opens for developers

At its developer conference in San Francisco, Samsung has now introduced a new version of the wizard: Bixby 2.0. The frame of the developer conference is no coincidence: With the new version it will first give a developer kit for Bixby, can connect their apps with voice recognition Wizard from the developers.

Bixby 2.0 to conquer the smart home

Above all, Bixby to the new version but also emancipate from the Galaxy smartphone: Bixby 2.0 will work on other devices such as TVs, smart speakers and even household appliances such as refrigerators. Samsung Smart TVs with Bixby should appear first in the US and Korea, but later in other countries. Whether it is but still be a separate Bixby speakers from Samsung as a competitor to Google Home, Amazon and Apple's Echo HomePod, but is not yet known. It is also possible that Samsung will allow other manufacturers only the installation of Bixby.

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Really surprising this announcement does not come by the way: As Samsung last year, the company Viv took over from its eponymous product then Bixby was the Koreans already declared that the assistant should come not just on smartphones used. Viv was the start of the inventors of Apple's Siri, who had left Apple to "as possible on as many devices" to realize their ideas.

Source: Samsung via The Verge

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