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To use games on the PC, in many cases, a Steam download is required. You can buy a lot of the games available today and enable on the client. For console gamers Steam is an unknown quantity so far. But in addition to Valve's plans to launch its own console on the market, there is also a case can be used in the steam on the Playstation. 3

However Steam on the PS3 sounds more spectacular than it is in effect. Only the game portal 2 the developers Valve enforce Steam for the console. In this case, a valid code for the activation of the game was a purchased for the PlayStation 3 copy of Portal 2 on Steam in on a computer. However, this can only be used with the connected to the PS3 Steam account. could be sold or -verschenkt this additional Portal 2 specimen therefore not.

Steam connect with the PlayStation 3

Thanks to Steam on the PlayStation 3, it is possible, the co-op mode of Portal 2 cross-platform on the PC together with Playstation 3 gamers to use. Also the Cloud-save feature was adopted for Portal 2 on the PS3 through Steam. Thus, it is possible, in contrast to other PS3 games to use a saved game in Portal 2 on multiple consoles. Achievements that are earned while playing on Steam on the PlayStation 3, will be credited to both the PSN account, as well as the Steam account. However Conversely, when a steam account is connected to a PS3, released no earned on the PC Achievements on the console. A steam shop for buying games you will not find on the Playstation. 3 Other functions such as Steam or Trade Greenlight that do not exist in the PS3 version of Steam. Similarly, a bond account for the game Portal 2 on Steam falls out on Playstation third This is particularly important for players who want to resell the cars Games like.

Steam Playstation 3 Portal 2
A combination of Steam and Playstation 3 is so far only possible via the game Portal 2

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So Steam works on the PlayStation 3

Furthermore, one can get in touch via Steam on the PlayStation 3 with all friends in the list, regardless of the game platform. Users who want to use Portal 2 on the PS3 and do not already have Steam Account must set up this unique to the application. An extension of the cooperation between Steam and Playstation 3 is currently not in sight.

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