Zelda – Breath of the Wild: Unlock all Hyrule manual entries

On your adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hyrule the manual is always a useful companion. All the relevant information about weapons, enemies and objects are listed. Here you will be listed even localities of materials that then can you with the Sensor + Search. Therefore, we show you all entries of Hyrule manual in the video.

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In Zelda: Breath of the game you have the Hyrule manual first unlock, because it is not available from the start. You get it only when her get photo module have. Are you only interested in the information from the Hyrule manual, we show you the following video all the entries of the Compendium.


Zelda - Breath of the Wild: Hyrule Manual - All Sites

Start Photogallery
(14 images)

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So you get the Hyrule Manual

Where? If you in the game of Main story to Kakariko follows, you will of Impa As part of the Quest &# 8220; Zelda's legacy&# 8221; after Hateno cleverly.

As? Here you have to speak Hateno Institute with Purah, entrusted you with the task of a to transport blue torch to the Institute and thus the fire Pit to ignite. As a reward you get then the photo module and thus also switches the Hyrule manual free.


Now you can Photos from enemies, Animals, materials, weapons and other things make in the game world and so gradually unlock items in Hyrule Manual. Your calls the manual by her Card with the minus key opens and then R twice or ZR suppressed. Do you want Unlock all entries in the Compendium, you will have a lot to do, because there are a total of 385 entries, broken down as follows in different categories.

  • Animals: 001-083
  • Monster: 084-161
  • Materials: 162-197
  • Weapons: 198-381
  • treasures: 382-385

You should in the game so busy snapping pictures and save them for the manual. Which entries are for the compendium, you can see in the video above. Through the entries useful information such as localities of weapons and their attack power are recorded. In addition, you learn, which items leave your enemies can.

Use the Sensor + in combination with the Hyrule manual!

is really useful, the Manual only in combination with the sensor +. therefore speak directly again with Purah, once you have received the photo module. For three antique bolts will you then that the improved sensor + hand over.

Note! antique bolts get her from defeated guards. Unless you have none, you can also Browse the defective guardian outside the Hateno Fortress. This should have the necessary screws for you.

Do you have the receive Sensor +, can choose their any entry in Hyrule manual and can locate the Sensor + afterwards. you then find yourself in the vicinity of the desired object, is the beat sensor alarm and lead you to the locality. So you can easily about find all treasure chests in the game, if you take a photo of such a chest and sensor + attaches to it.

Buy Missing photos for the Hyrule Manual

There, you have to really make a lot of pictures around the To complete Hyrule Manual, you have also the possibility to you to buy missing images. In the game you have sometimes namely only an opportunity to take a picture, such as when you are fighting against bosses or can no longer find unique weapons later in the game.

So repeat after the receipt by the sensor with + Purahs assistant Symin, of you with task &# 8220; Photographic Memory&# 8221; entrusted to one of the side quests of Zelda: Breath of the game. Here you learn the handling of the Sensor + and must Symin shoot some photos.


First ye to him Photo of a Glutlings demonstrate. In practice, because of a growing directly on the outside wall behind the institute. Then you have to from neighboring Expa Forest still three more Glutlinge + Look to the sensor and they bring Symin.

Then sold you Symin missing images in your Hyrule manual for every 100 Rupees. Our guide to the farms of rubies in Zelda: Breath of the Wild was placed you here to the heart. However, you can not choose which image you get, this is determined by chance.

On a related note, that her special pictures of bosses or silver opponents can buy only at Symin if you once played the game have. This cost you also all 500 Rupees, so start ever to save, if you your Hyrule manual want to the last entry complete.

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