Legal Highs: These are the real dangers – effects, risks, legislation

Legal Highs are the latest trend on the Internet: The supposedly legal drugs can be ordered online by mouse click and promise the seemingly carefree kick. In reality, legal highs are anything but harmless &# 8211; read in this guide, lurk the dangers there and why you should stay away from legal highs.

They wear fanciful names like Cloud Nine, Jamaican Gold, Spice or Orange High and sold as bath salts, herbal blends or cleaner free on the Internet: We are talking about legal highs &# 8211; a trend that is circulating for some time among young people and is growing in popularity. The drugs are allegedly legally and also completely safe for consumers &# 8211; the claim at least the seller &# 8220; legal drugs&# 8221 ;. In reality, the reports of deaths associated with legal highs are piling up for some time &# 8211; , these are by no means harmless remedies to sweeten up your evening, but hard-hitting psycho-drugs from the chemistry lab.

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Legal Highs: Legal kick with one click?

&# 8220; Take a break and relax, who does not want that? We will help you to enjoy the leisure or the weekend atmospheric.&# 8221; So the providers of legal highs advertise on the Internet that promise to provide free kick. The drugs are sold freely on the Internet and usually come along in the form of herbal mixtures or bath salts, which are completely harmless apparently and are easy to order with one click.

  • &# 8220; The bath salts is simply smoked and then it goes well since.&# 8221;
  • &# 8220; Our Incense put you in the right mood, so let the stresses of everyday life behind.&# 8221;
  • &# 8220; dreaming of places where others vacation.&# 8221;

With such sayings are placed in the right mood potential customers and any concerns are sold. The consumption of intoxicants is therefore completely safe, also the name of Legal High suggests already that this not about banned substances &# 8211; and then it can indeed actually not be that bad, right?

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Legal Highs: These dangers are behind the &# 8220; legal&# 8221; drugs

In reality, the legal highs are far from harmless. The substances are not herbal mixtures, but chemical substances that are specifically produced in the laboratory and are similar to conventional drugs such as cannabis, speed or cocaine in their effect. With a crucial difference: The active ingredient concentration of the substances artificially produced is often many times higher than that of &# 8220; natural&# 8221; Drugs. Result: The noise drops significantly from violent &# 8211; who the legal highs smoking, swallowing or snorting, so risking life-threatening poisoning.

Legal Highs Drug Dealer

Never do it again in backyards with shady characters and businesses: legal highs promise the worry-kick via online ordering.

Then there are the following factors that further increase the risks of legal highs:

  • Customers do not know what they are actually buying, as it is not necessary to state the active ingredients in most cases.
  • Even if one finds on the package associated information, there is of course no guarantee that that is true.
  • The composition of the legal highs is constantly changing: Thus, there is no guarantee that a legal high in the next consumption works as the first time.
  • It also makes it impossible to estimate arise which effects when taking the drugs.

In principle, legal highs are a kind &# 8220; Russian roulette&# 8221 ;: The noise may well be enjoyable &# 8211; for there are no guarantees and who has bad luck, experienced a bad horror trip with dire consequences.

Check out the documentation here &# 8220;Hazardous colorful bags &# 8211; Concern for legal highs in Europe&# 8221; at:

Legal Highs: not assess impact

In recent years, the reports of consumers of legal highs, where the noise caused serious injury or even one led to the deaths pile up. Recently died, a 20-year-old after she had taken legal highs with a mutual friend and this is not an isolated case. Only in 2015 should be 39 people come through the consumption of legal highs killed, the drug commissioner of the Federal Government Marlene Mortler (CSU) &# 8211; Ascending trend. Young people can often be of the harmless presentation and dazzle the colorful little pictures on the packages of legal highs &# 8211; often with fatal consequences.

The adverse effects that are repeatedly described include:

  • a headache
  • nausea
  • palpitations
  • muscle cramps
  • anxiety
  • unconsciousness
  • Circulatory failure
  • powerlessness
  • Psychosis / hallucinations

The question remains: If we all do &# 8211; then why is it still so easy to procure these substances on the Internet? And why the legal highs are not simply prohibited?

Legal High Lab

The chemical composition of legal highs is constantly changed &# 8211; Therefore, a ban has been difficult.

Legal Highs: legislation in 2016 &# 8211; ban comes

In Narcotics Act stipulates which substances are prohibited and may not be sold legally. This is indeed the main problem with the legal highs: the composition of the substances is constantly changing &# 8211; so that producers around the ban, because actually banned substance is slightly changed and therefore no longer fall under the Narcotics Act. Responds the legislature with a further ban the chemical substance is changed again &# 8211; a cat and mouse game in which the drug labs are seemingly always one step ahead.

Legal High laws

The federal government is aware of this problem, of course, well &# 8211; therefore early May 2016, a draft law was submitted to be banned after not only individual substances, but whole groups of substances. so will &# 8220; the race between the appearance of new chemical variants of known substances and matched thereto prohibitions narcotic drugs&# 8221; broken, Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe (CDU). Whereas the supply of legal highs should be in the future a criminal offense.

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