Prohibited Names: These names are not allowed in Germany

When choosing the first name for their own offspring, many parents let their creativity run wild. In recent years, as more and more children are found with the name Tyrion or Daenerys in kindergartens, "Pepsi Carola", "Winnetou" and "Pumuckl" belong to any "best-of" list of crazy name in Germany for years. But there are also some limitations. Below you will find a list of forbidden names that can not be given to children.

The "naming rights" is regulated in Germany on the Civil Code (BGB). The last word in the allocation of family name registry offices. For example, first names are prohibited that is offensive or could act ridiculous and endangering the child's welfare.

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List of prohibited names in Germany

The registrar, which confirm the name of official channels, n is an "International Handbook name" before. Names that are listed here may be awarded without further ado. If there is no representative, the award has not yet been ruled out. Rather, it is up to the registrar to check individual cases. Here one has to abide by the "instructions given to registrars and regulators." It is in the past parents succeeded, among other things, ahead from first name as "November" or "Pumuckl".

Rejected cases and examples of prohibited names include the following suggestions:

  • Fanta
  • Borussia
  • sputnik
  • woodruff
  • Lenin
  • Bierstubl
  • atom Fried
  • Satan
  • Judas
  • MC Donald
  • lord
  • yogurt
  • Woodstock
  • whiskey
  • Superman
  • Verleihnix
  • Poppy
  • Schroeder

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Prohibited names and unusual exceptions

In some cases, names were of registry offices accepted, failed at first glance, sound funny or insane. Besides the aforementioned example, "Pepsi-Carola" count this among other things:

  • Nussi
  • butt
  • Winnetou
  • Apple
  • blueberry
  • Smudo
  • Cinderella melody
  • Matt Eagle
  • pfefferminza
  • Alemmania
  • November
  • Anderson

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In addition to the list of banned names also the principle that typically female names may not be awarded for boys and vice versa. Again, there are some exceptions. So name may occur without sharp limit to how Mary or Kim, both female as well as male children. In such cases it is advisable to choose a gender, middle name.

With us you will also find a list of forbidden Car-Mark in Germany.


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