Call of Duty – WW2: Weapons – list, images and values

Call of Duty - WW2: Weapons - list, images and values

Christopher Bahner
on 11/07/2017 at 12:39 AM

The weapons of Call of Duty: WW2 oriented according to the scenario of World War II and are faithfully implemented in the first-person shooter. In our Photogallery we show you all weapons and epic weapons of the game. In addition, you can see all the values, images, information and activation conditions of shooting iron at a glance.

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The laser and plasma weapons from Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite are passé and the soft classic weapons of World War II, such as the Tommy Gun or M1 Garand. In the first CoD parts and most recently in Call of Duty: World at War of 2008, the typical weapons of World War II is not indispensable. As the developers of Sledgehammer Games claim they are in CoD: WW2 feel more authentic.

In the first eleven minutes from Call of Duty: WW2 you see the guns in action!


Call of Duty: WW2 - The first 11 minutes


All weapons in CoD: WW2

Since it is the Second World War, big surprises at the weapons are not expected. Could the series in their last cuttings thanks to the futuristic scenario invent new weapons, the choice is limited due to the historical Akuratesse and you can expect the typical arsenal of the Second World War.

Call of Duty - WW2: editions, Season Pass and Vorbestellerboni

Weapons like the M1903 Springfield, the MG 42 or that M1918 BAR know shooter friends probably already sufficiently and they are also in CoD: WW2 represented. But it also lesser-known weapons there and especially the epic weapons can be proud of. The weapon handling is intended to have been revised again according to the developers so that they feel as real as possible.

In addition, can you customize weapons by the essays, which they change not only its appearance but continue to improve damage, range, accuracy and rate of fire even in the four attributes. Depending on the category of weapons can attach it only certain weapons essays.

Also explosive devices may not be missing. In the game you can fall back on the following grenades and throwing weapons:

  • MK 2 fragmentation grenade (shell)
  • No. 74 ST (Sticky)
  • S-44 Mine (Mine)
  • throwing knives
  • Rucksack charge (explosive)
  • British No. 69 grenade (Blendgranate)
  • smoke grenade
  • MK. V gas grenade
  • signal grenade

weapons list

Click through our photos route to Screenshots and information about the weapons in CoD: WWII to obtain. We will add the images route regularly with the latest shooting iron as soon as they are announced. The following Weapons List gives you the complete overview. Just click to go to individual weapons to a new page with more information.

Update of 7 November 2017: We have added all the weapons and epic weapons Bilderstrecke and list their activation conditions and other information.


Primary type of weapon

  • M1941
  • M1 Garand
  • STG 44
  • M1A1 carbine
  • FG 42
  • BAR
  • SWT-40


Primary type of weapon

  • M3
  • PPSh-41
  • TYPE 100
  • weapon 28
  • M1928
  • MP 40

Light machine guns

Primary type of weapon

  • Lewis
  • MG 15
  • BREN
  • MG 42

Sniper rifles

Primary type of weapon

  • Karabin Model 38M
  • Lee Enfield
  • M1903
  • Kar 98K


Primary type of weapon

  • gun fight
  • Drilling M30
  • Automatic shotgun
  • Sawed-off shotgun


Secondary branch of service

  • P-08
  • 1911
  • Row fire pistol

close combat

Secondary branch of service

  • US-shovel


Secondary branch of service

  • M1 Bazooka
  • bazooka

epic weapons

Kills with epic weapons give a 10% bonus to soldiers EP. Some also provide bonuses for the zombie mode. The epic weapon unlocks it by you unlock all the other extras in the weapons collections over armory credit or stock deliveries.

  • Hut buddy (rifle)
  • Roundabout (sniper rifle)
  • Revision (light machine gun)
  • Bonbon (MP)
  • Trigger Happy (MP)
  • Short (light machine gun)
  • Florierend (MP)
  • Ranger (sniper rifle)
  • Ticked (MP)
  • Home (gun)
  • Jaw breakers (rifle)
  • Zipper (light machine gun)
  • Newbie (rifle)
  • Eagle Nest (launcher)
  • Midnight (sniper rifle)
  • Jupiter (gun)
  • Dust biters (rifle)
  • Silver bullet (MP)
  • Thunderbolt (launcher)
  • Valor (combat)
  • Enigma (shotgun)
  • Kreuzritter (shotgun)
  • Serum (gun)

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Call of Duty - WW2: Weapons - list, images and values

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