Tron 3: When will the sequel? Info and Rumors

When does Tron 3? Or ask more precisely: Is there any hope that Tron 3 even still hits theaters? The last part of Tron Legacy is now again a few years back, rumors about a possible sequel buzz since then repeatedly around the net. For some time the plans more concrete plans are: Tron 3 is to be re-issued as a reboot apparently. We looked around and give you here the update with the latest information.


TRON: Legacy - Trailer 3

The movie "Tron" from 1982 is certainly one of the most unusual works in the Disney canon: instead of cartoons and sentimental musical numbers the audience at the time were groundbreaking CGI shots, revolutionary animation techniques and style-sets from the legendary comic artist Moebius. Coinciding with the start of the computer age Tron quickly became a cult film, even though he was on the box-office no real hit. The second part of Tron Legacy appeared only decades later, in 2010. Since then there have been rumors of a sequel, so Tron 3. Why was this film has not yet actually made?

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Tron 3: reboot of the film series with Jared Leto

About a possible third part of Tron there have long been many rumors but little concrete. After last Tron director Joseph Kosinski optimism was cautious, the project seems now take up speed again &# 8211; but not as a further part, but as complete reboot of Tron. The Hollywood Reporter, there are plans in the dream factory, the series with actor Jared Leto revive in the lead role.

Leto himself said in an interview with the magazine Collider that he is currently in negotiations with Disney - but the Tron reboot was still at a very early stage of development. Jared Leto's own admission, according to but extremely keen to realize the project because Tron is one of his favorite films. As a producer is to act according to Hollywood Reporter Justin Springer, who also Tron: Legacy co-produced. Moreover, it was still committed no screenwriter or director. Some information about the script there yet: The film is to utilize parts of the unrealized third part, therefore, is the focus of a character named Ares.

is not known whether Joseph Kosinski had participated, via a release date nothing has been announced. We will keep you at this point, of course, with all the latest news and information up to date.

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Kosinski: Tron 3 &# 8211; not dead but continued &Coldsleep; # 8220&# 8221;

Director Joseph Kosinski, who was supposed to turn the next part Tron Ascension (details later in this article), has recently expressed in the magazine Collider to why so far no supplies still come from the Tron universe. According to the words of the filmmaker himself Tron is 3 currently in "hibernation". That means: The project is not dead, but put on hold for now. was reason that Disney possesses an enormous wealth of promising brands and Tron 3 therefore not a priority at the moment.

"You have to remember that Disney, was at the time when Tron Ascension was planned not owned by Lucasfilm or Marvel in mind. Meanwhile, they have it all&# 8221 ;, so Kosinski. This would of course affect the company's decisions: A new Star Wars part or another Marvel spinoff are financially a sure thing &# 8211; not only at the box office, but also with the sale of merchandising products such as toys or clothing. In a new Tron film, therefore, the question would inevitably impose: "Would he have the same success?"

Tron 3 Continued

The script for Tron 3 was finished writing, according to director Kosinski already 80%. In the film, an invasion of the digital world would have taken place in reality.

This does not mean, conversely, however, that the TRON project died. 3 Since Disney owns the brand completely, you would not share with partners the profit, as well as Tron still have a solid fan base and would continue considered "valuable property". Kosinki also does not exclude that Tron could appear in other formats in the future, for example, as a TV series or virtual reality experience.

Tron 3: Continue Tron should Ascension hot

If it were up to the fans, there would jedenfallls still more than enough stories from the computer-generated Tron universe to tell. And these are supposed to come too. After Tron: Legacy to completion took whole 28 years, Disney did not wait quite as long with the next item clearly. The provisional title of Tron 3 was supposed Tron: Ascension loud and rotated again directed by Joseph Kosinski. As an actor you had committed again Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund, filming should start in the fall of 2015 in Vancouver.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde in Tron: Legacy

The subjunctive let an idea already: The project was never realized. Already in May 2015 it was clear that Disney plans for Tron: Ascension had pulped. To what extent the project was already advanced, it can be said bad in retrospect, probably the decommissioning had but with the not entirely satisfactory grossing of Tron: Legacy to do. Worldwide, the film played while more than 400 million dollars at the box office, but it cost, according to Deadline also 180 million in production &# 8211; this ratio and the relatively large risk were probably the reason for Disney, not to continue the project &# 8211; especially since you already flopped in 2015 with the sci-fi movie Tomorrowland and the newly acquired Star Wars franchise has significantly hotter irons in the fire.

The net circulating numerous fake Tron-3 Trailer &# 8211; Here, for example, to the alleged new movie Tron 3: Destiny

Tron-3 petition from fans should keep the project alive

After it was announced that Tron was not produced by Disney 3, thousands of fans shouted a petition launched to animate Disney in this way to carry on. Overall, the petition Revive Tron could win three more than 50,000 supporters in itself, not with the desired result.

Disney did not soften by the fans themselves - but the plans for a possible continuation is not yet finally died. Latest information, there is still hope for Tron 3, though not much, and probably not in the near future.

Tron 3 Trailer Release

Tron: Legacy is so far the last part of the Tron series &# 8211; and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future.

Tron 3: Could still come

Also producer Brigham Taylor, who was also responsible for the live-action adaptation of "The Jungle Book," revealed the end of 2016 in an interview that definitely still potential was available for another part. A holiday trip to Shanghai, he had seen a Tron theme park, which would have shown him once again that lasting impact Tron still have. Moreover, it would of course have given talks behind the scenes.

A reliable confirmation of another part looks naturally different. Actor Bruce Boxleitner, who starred in both the original and the sequel, was because even some time ago for the record that he had personally concluded with Tron. in turn, also it does not mean that there is definitely no Tron third but at the moment it seems as well that the project is in limbo and Disney is rather busy with Star Wars and the live-action implementation of old cartoon classics.

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