PS4 Pro: Boost mode explained – so it improves the performance of old games

One of the most interesting new features of firmware update 4.50 for the PlayStation 4 Pro is the boost mode. Enabled her this, the performance of PS4 games will be improved, regardless of whether they have been optimized for the PS4 Pro. As the boost mode works exactly, we tell you below.

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With firmware 4:50 can you connect not only a finite external hard drives to the PS4, but get on the PS4 Pro also entirely new Boost mode. This benefited from the higher processing power of the console and is just about the increase frame rates of older titles and also the shorten load times. Boost mode can you there easily on the PS4 menu on or off.


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PS4 Pro: Boost Mode for older games

Currently, the firmware update is in the 4:50 closed beta. Heard about the testers and you have downloaded the update, you can the activate boost mode via the settings of the PS4 Pro (see picture below). This should also games that have not been programmed with PS4 Pro support or get a patch, benefit from the increased performance of the console.

playstation-4-screenshot per-boost mode-

Games ahead of time the PS4 Pro to benefit from the boost mode.

According to Sony, the boost mode ensures that high-clocked CPU and GPU of the PS4 Pro are, where are especially games with variable frame rate run more smoothly. In addition, the loading times are shortened. Beneficiaries of the boost mode would thus be, for example, games like Blood Borne, The Witcher 3 or Just Cause. 3

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Boost mode: Differences in detail

As Euro Gamer reports are especially games that aim for a constant frame rate of 60 frames per second, but this may not always hold, benefit from the boost mode. These include games like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition or Project Cars. Also, a game like Doom with dynamic resolution could run consistent with the boost mode. To what extent the mode speeds up the hardware, you can extract the following table.

PS4PS4 ProBoost mode
CPUEight Jaguar cores with 1.6 GHzEight Jaguar cores with 2.1 GHz1.3x
GPU18 Radeon GCN compute units 800 MHz36 Radeon GCN compute units 911 MHz2.3x flops
Storage8 GB GDDR5 at 176 GB / s8 GB GDDR5 at 218 GB / s24% more bandwidth, 512MB more memory can be used

However, Sony warns that each game run better not necessarily by the boost mode needs and it can partly also lead to unexpected problems occurring during gameplay. In such a case it is recommended to turn off the boost mode. With us you will find the way also a games list of optimized games for the PS4 Pro without boost mode.

but it should be clear to you that the Boost mode only the performance, but can not improve the graphics quality of older titles. The frame rate can be increased within certain limits and also the resolutions will not improve in dramatic extent. The Beta phase is designed to help filter out compatibility issues with certain games.

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