Pokémon: Catch Glittering Shiny Pokémon – Tips and Tricks

Iridescent Pokémon Shiny Pokémon or simply Shinys &# 8211; This bag monsters differ from their counterparts only in color. Wow. Nevertheless, they are in great demand. One reason therefore for us, you mitzugeben some tips to hunt down the glittering monster.

Pokémon: Catch Glittering Shiny Pokémon - Tips and Tricks

You walk for hours through the tall grass, when finally you attack a wild Pokémon. Excited you press both thumbs before you have to realize: We're Out sparkle when emerging. You have discovered again not shiny.

Iridescent Pokémon: One Like No One

The fascination around the glittering Pokémon with alternative coloring exists since Pokémon Gold and Silver, and served less to extend the hunting artificial and exploit the main feature of the Gamboy Color. The Pokémon differ in no white of their own kind, with exceptions of color, they sparkle when they come out of the Poké Ball and have been for the 4th generation even own entries in the report.

Since the chance of catching a Shiny Pokémon, is vanishingly small (2 to 5 Generation 1: 8192, from the 6th Generation 1: 4096), we'll give you at this point some tips and tricks, how you get your chances can slightly increase.

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Before you go to Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and Pokémon X and Y to the targeted hunt for Shinys, you should have completed the game once and have received the Poké Radar Prof. Eich. Covers you with the following additional items and have the tips in mind:

  • 50 protection, ultra-protective or top protection
  • Pokémon with many attacks
  • Pokémon that is not too strong and not too weak for the sought Shiny
  • sufficient Pokéballs
  • Poké Radar best register (on Y place)

Make your way so equipped in the region in which you are seeking a particular Pokémon. It starts:

  1. Enables Item protection
  2. Imagine the center of the grassy area where the Pokémon lives
  3. Enables Poké Radar
  4. Is one of the shining jiggling bushes
  5. If the attacking Pokémon not, after you search, flees from combat
  6. Has appeared the Pokémon from which you look for a shiny, defeated or catch it
  7. You must now start a chain in which you make a row back on this Pokémon and again and defeated or catch
  8. Step into Solely the jiggling bushes that light striking

Full Performs an unbroken chain of 20-40 victories against this one Pokémon, following the probability that the Shiny Pokémon hides under the flashing bush with the two strokes particularly high.

shiny-giratina1What you should be aware at all costs:

  • Never leave the grass
  • constantly updated protection
  • Comes another Pokémon in the chain, you have to start from scratch
  • Wobbles after the fight (as in 4. above) no bush, you have it wrong &# 8211; Restart Poké Radar
  • You have to charge the Poké Radar by steps do not leave the grass
  • The further the next jiggling bright bush away from you, the better
  • The nearest bush must not be at the edge of the meadow, next to the forest, stones, water, walls, etc.
  • Do not go for a fight to the top &# 8211; You can not see whether here the bush wobbled and the chain is interrupted wohmöglich
  • Save and reboot or turn off the chain ends

On page 2, I explain how you have more chances to breed a Shiny Pokémon

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