iPhone and iPad with Windows synchronize (without iTunes): Phone Stick

&Phone Stick; # 8220&# 8221; offers a good and above all easy alternative to Apple's standard iTunes program. Here you find out what the application on the case and whether it is right for you.

iPhone and iPad with Windows synchronize (without iTunes): Phone Stick

Just recently there was an article about the best Alternatives to iTunes. Now this should be supplemented by one point: With &# 8220;Phone Stick&# 8221; Developer Softorino has one of the best iTunes competitor its way to the Windows-Computer found. The small but smart application allows, be iPhone synchronize very easily with the PC. With reference to the tile design of Windows 8, the program offers everything you for Manage its iPhones, iPads or iPods needs.

Phone Stick: Functionality

Phone Stick placed in the task bar and offers the ability to synchronize the data and files via Drag-and-Drop. Not only the balance of music, but also movies, audio books, books and ringtones mastered the program without any problems and without difficulty. It is also possible that iPhone into a USB Stick converting, as well as the file system the unit and individual installed applications to browse.

The different areas - Media, Books, USB stick, iOS File System and Application - be &Phone Stick; # 8220&# 8221; recognized by Windows as a removable drive and embed themselves in the Windows Explorer. Thus, the handling of the program is to be compared with that of a USB stick.

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Solution to Windows Installer Modules Worker (TiWorker.exe)

Pricing: Phone stick in single and five-license

Phone Stick PriceA disadvantage may be called the price. This is dollar 19.95 for the registration of a PC, respectively 69.80 US dollars for five licenses. However, the program can also be somewhat limited in Free mode used. In this case, however, it is not possible for the user to transfer more than 1GB between iOS device and PC. Moreover Phone is stick only in the English language available, a German version does not exist unfortunately.

In conclusion it can be said that Phone Stick provides a really good way provides for synchronization, so example, to transfer music from iPhone to PC. For users who do not want to rely on Apple's standard program and are looking for a good alternative, Phone Stick could, even if it is not available free of charge, a good option be.

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