Friday the 13th in the test: No more than playable Trash Horror

Jason Voorhees is back and brings you Friday the 13th! And this time the murderous giant is trying to win the hearts of gamers for himself by separating them neatly out of her body. Why this intervention goes wrong and convince really only in certain situations know, I'll tell you in my test.

No time for the entire text? Hands down&# 8217; s the bottom line.


Friday the 13th: release date in murderous Trailer

The story of Friday the 13th to write entire novels is enough. Meanwhile, twelve films of the mass murderer Jason Voorhees has filled with bloody scenes and sweetened several horror nights with one or another scream. Now Friday the 13th will also convince as a game. A little over two years, the license was bought and the story began. the expectations of fans over several Kickstarter campaigns and numerous teaser trailer is accumulated on (including me).

Friday the 13th is a project that I've been following since its announcement. Each and every news gameplay scraps I have absorbed, to learn everything about the upcoming multiplayer party. Now Friday the 13th is finally here. And what is left of my hype? Well, not much, as show you the next lines.

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Friday the 13th: With these weapons you beat Jason!

Jason on the hunt

The project by Gun-Media, whose flag Also Horror God Tom Savini finds, is an asymmetrical multiplayer. Means: While a player assumes the role of Jason, mimic up to seven other gamers the frightened teenagers who wanted to experience Ringelpietz with hands at summer camp one lap. Each party and each different class of the two groups has different advantages and disadvantages. So we have seen it recently in Dead by Daylight. But Friday the 13th can withdraw the license at first.

So you survive as a Counselor in Friday the 13th

What makes Friday the 13th in the early rounds of multiplayer into a true treasure, is the atmosphere. On both sides of the match the feel of the films really gets across well. Telltale noise, the heavy trampling Jason and heavy ax blows on the door make the whole thing into an entertaining horror trip for the players. Maps, survivors, and of course Jason even cry only after the film templates and catch this one outstanding. But why still only? Entertaining Well, because then the problems of Friday the 13th begin to cast their dark shadows.


Welcome to the most famous horror camp in film history.

Welcome to the most famous horror camp in film history.

Fail on its own concept

To flee to Friday the 13th on the side of the survivors living on the map, we need one thing above all: Teamwork. Only in conjunction with the other gamers you can fix cars, call the police or get Tommy Jarvis, his character Jason killer, to support. Each of these actions requires several steps or items that are not necessarily found in the vicinity of the respective escape. And to wander alone on the large maps, while a killer is on the loose - as in every horror movie - a really stupid idea.

Problems with the launch of Friday the 13th

But the concept is itself a leg. Actually, the Survivor voice chat to communicate with each other, which can be heard only in a certain circle around the player. but many players go into the game without a headset or microphone. Have you seen time a mime who has survived a horror flick? Neither do I. Turning on the microphone but also not seen as a desirable alternative, if I tummle me alone in the online lobbies. Rarely have I played a game where so often the supervision of guardians was trampled.


find parts, repair phone to call police: One of several ways to escape Jason.

find parts, repair phone to call police: One of several ways to escape Jason.

It echoes in the first few lobbies just as before delicate little voice whose owners would need a few more years until they are expected to play Friday the 13th legal. After all, the multiplayer horror trip has been provided in this country by the USK with an Ab-18 Seal. But of course the digital distribution facilitates unimpeded access if no one looks at the shoot. While these voices still can be eliminated thanks to the practical mute buttons, the whole thing, unfortunately, is also reflected in the play. Hardly anyone trying to work together. the killer is instead mostly lured still other victims or the allies set up the knife against the other players, which is actually possible thanks to Friendly Fire.

The relationship between killer and victim is no longer true, if some players still leave the match shortly before the game to departure. Currently is toddled on Friday the 13th, as if there were no tomorrow. The developers absolutely must come up with something when their game is to survive longer. The rush is after all given. On the first weekend did so many gamers play a game that the servers have gone down under the load. Meanwhile, Friday the 13th running but relatively trouble-free. Also important: If you want to play online Friday the 13th, you should speak English can. Very few players can German. Because it helps if you can some you to a common communication path.


Jason, however, uses his skills to find potential victims.

Jason, however, uses his skills to find potential victims.

Faces of Evil

A key aspect of Friday the 13th should of course be the terror which the survivors and thus I &# 8211; because if I slip into the role of a non-cohesive teenagers - feel. but what does this bit difficult, are absolutely cruel faces of the potential murder victim. This solidify even at the beginning of each match in the face of Jason to a mixture of dental visit and a look at their own balance after a night. And the bloody death animations that are available in shell abundance and all degrees of brutality are more unintentionally funny by Ragdoll and strange clipping errors in some cases. Bye atmosphere, it was nice to you!

bring all the survivors to distance by Jason

What I do have to keep good the game is that the basic mechanisms work. In the matches I have come across no major bugs or errors that have marred the initial game. Are the different ways once explored, I get as a survivor even in the meantime to be one step ahead of the feeling Jason. This again ensures that a significantly faster heartbeat.


The true horror: The faces of the characters.

The true horror: The faces of the characters.

Only gripes for Jason?

When Friday the 13th really works now? I had to ask myself playing this question. And the answer is quite simple. Namely, when you grab your friends and invite them to a clever game of multiplayer Geschnetzels. Then the disturbing factors are almost invariably eliminated. Because with their own mates and mate inside I can allow myself stupid comments over voice chat. The style of play is changing, and I play a lot more than experience and less goal-oriented. Then Friday the 13th's just as fun as its movie templates. In the circle of a few friends, with the right attitude and a certain tolerance for partial comic pages of horror experience.

All the characters of the game at a glance

Now certainly some crying out that I could play but also Jason easy when I'm traveling alone. But this is not so simple. Although a spawn preference (Jason or even survivor) can be selected in the setting, but this is not a guarantee that I always go to the start in the online matches as a killer. Here would be like in Dead by Daylight, in which only one of the monsters can be played one mode, significantly more meaningful. Clearly, there is then a long wait for the player. But in the end, this results precisely in more fun at a time.


Survivors have different strengths and weaknesses. In addition Perks bring a little more depth to the game.

Survivors have different strengths and weaknesses. In addition Perks bring a little more depth to the game.

Conclusion on Friday the 13th - The Game

With the vote for Friday the 13th I have quarreled long with myself. After all, I had such high expectations for the multiplayer title. But in its current form, the game is still far from my expectations. However, I do not want to use this to condemn the work of the developers complete the current state of development. Dead by Daylight for example, needed a while before it really matured. In Runs Friday the 13th working. And under the right circumstances come to great fun. But a little time, it will probably still need to this will be consistently in online modes that.

In my opinion, the developers have set themselves with the concept of Friday the 13th leg. The asymmetrical multiplayer provides too much room for trolls or potential sources of errors that make capturing the template difficult. A single-player game that mainly lives on in history, would have fit better in my eyes. But who knows: If Friday the 13th can build a community that will remain on the ball, this will certainly not be the last game we can experience with Jason Voorhees.

Friday the 13th will like it if you're into horror, Multiplayer and funny animations.

Friday the 13th will not like it if have to wait you have problems with unfinished games or any time and find horror stupid.

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