iPhone Tip: Export contacts

Who invests contacts on iPhone and managed, they would probably into other software, such as the Mac, convert and utilize them there after a certain time. We show how to export the contacts from the iPhone easy and fast. 


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export iPhone contacts: iCloud is the easiest solution

Who wants to export individual contacts in vCard format, you can do so directly from a button in each contact. By e-mail or message, the contact can send.

iPhone Tip: Export contacts

To export all contacts from the iPhone is not a complicated matter. Most users are likely already meet all the necessary conditions for it without knowing it. After all, Apple's iCloud is the easiest way to export contacts. Particularly if all contacts are affected. Who does not have an iCloud account, you can create it in the system settings iOS device with iCloud using its Apple ID. Who iCloud activated for contacts, is only a few clicks of the total export from.

iPhone Tip: Export contacts

Next, you open the iCloud website icloud.com and opens the Contacts area. There is now found a copy existing on the iPhone list. As with a desktop app, you can Command-click (cmd) Select multiple contacts with the mouse or the keyboard shortcut Command + A select the entire list.

iPhone Tip: Export contacts

Now click on the bottom left of the browser window, click the gear and select Export vCard .... the contacts are immediately heruntergalden to the computer. On OS X, the address book opens, asking the user whether the contacts to be imported.

Alternatively, you can activate in the system settings in the same area on the Mac iCloud. The service is similar in sequence all contact holdings from each other.

Excel and Co .: Apps export to other formats

Those who want to export the contacts in a different format, can look around the App Store for appropriate apps. A, but it does it is useful and versatile optical While less appealing, called My Contacts Backup.

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