Solar Charger: The best models for mobile phones

When the battery is empty and the sun beats down, then you can with a
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trump. We show you the following guide to the three best solar chargers, with the you can charge on the go their own stuff without always frantically searching for a power outlet.

Video: HTC is apparently obsessed with good battery life. With a
Solar Battery Charger

Almost like a Ninja Turtle. But only almost. © SNAN

do not have to be so extreme it.


HTC: "We are obsessed with battery life"

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Of the Battery of the smartphone or: the Achilles heel of each smartphones. So great all the new functions and features of the many devices always are: If the battery is all, is fast zappenduster. Thanks to Power Banks and similar gadgets you are at least on the road no longer rely on outlets. Provided that they are charged. Even better: Solar power use for chargers. We show you the following article suitable and good solar chargers. If you want to know how their protects the battery of your Android smartphones, we help you elsewhere on. But for iPhone users, we have battery tips.

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Solar Chargers: How They Work

With the help of Solar chargers can charge their own stuff, even when no power outlet is nearby. The devices are usually with special panels &# 8211; so surfaces &# 8211; provided that convert sunlight into energy and thus provide power for your devices. Many solar devices have no battery and can therefore save any energy. So you have to either your phone directly or Power Bank Connect if you want to collect the current.

1. SNAN solar charger

Especially small and handy the charger from SNAN is not, but it ensures that you always have power for your devices in sunlight. However, you can also fold and thus take on travel or use when camping the device. is supported a fast charging technology with up to 2 amps. You can use the device while for all common smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG. The surface of the solar charger are waterproof. However, no water on or in which should USB ports come. These are not waterproof.

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Solar Battery Charger

Almost like a Ninja Turtle. But only almost. © SNAN

Solar Battery Charger

Almost like a Ninja Turtle. But only almost. © SNAN

10,000 mAh battery of ToullGo

This charger ToullGo the energy output over the sunlight can even store and has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. So this is sufficient to charge the usual Smartphone 2-4 times. For this purpose it is also not as big as the previous model and can thus be taken anywhere. Especially for longer walks, such a device is very good. It is this very well protected and keeps joints stand. With 4 LED lamps displays you the current charge level. So you can have the part when hiking here, you can do it with the supplied carbine attach it to a backpack.

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ToullGo solar

Which is handy, does not always look good. © ToullGo

3. outdoor solar charger Innoo Tech

With the
Solar Battery Charger

Almost like a Ninja Turtle. But only almost. © SNAN

Innoo of tech you can also also at Outdoor activities charging smartphones, tablets or other devices eletronische. Also handy: Again, you can earn up to 10,000 mAh and charge your device later. Even with drizzle you can leave it attached to the backpack as it is splash-proof. Heavy rain should not expose her there, however. Presumably, the sun does not seem so then. In the dark, you also know the integrated LED Flashlight the device off.

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Solar Charger InnooTech

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