Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8: Samsung kills the Bixby button

Samsung has released another update that the Bixby button can be completely disabled on the side of smartphones Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus. How it works&# 8217; s:

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8: Samsung kills the Bixby button
Source: Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus)

Galaxy S8 (Plus): Disable Bixby button

Updated on 05.11.2017, 12:20: Samsung has released a new update to the Bixby can be switched off completely. A few weeks ago, Samsung has already responded and the short pressure on the Bixby button on the side of the Galaxy S 8 and Galaxy Note 8 disabled. Now you can also turn off the long press. The button on the Galaxy S8 is thus useless. Another function may be to not put. Here Samsung may like to make improvements. Bixby 2.0 was recently presented. Whether this leads to an improvement, you will have to wait.

Updated on 18.09.2017, 15:11: Not only is the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus are supplied with the update, but the Galaxy Note 8. Thanks for the note in the comments.

Original Article from 09.18.2017:

The cat-and-mouse game between developers and Samsung today. The Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus the side Bixby button can now be disabled officially and directly for language assistants from Samsung. The South Korean company has begun to distribute an update that integrates an additional slider. So you can simply disable the Bixby button:


Bixby can be finally disabled (Source:

Many owners of the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 (Plus) were upset about this since the launch of smartphones that the additional button on the side starts a function that is not fully developed and, for example, does not even speak German in Germany. The positioning has also led to the button pressed by mistake and Bixby has been activated. That's why developers have been looking for solutions to disable the feature or to prove the button again - for example, with the Google Assistant.

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Samsung only allows the deactivation of Bixby buttons

While the developers have quickly realized that the Bixby button can be useful for the use of other function, Samsung only allows the complete deactivation. The extra button on the side, sitting among the volume buttons, so therefore useless. Bixby is thus in the end? Now it looks like at least now from as yet. Samsung's voice assistant may be so, although disabled, but you will need to consciously go into the settings and look for the function. Whether a similar update for the Galaxy Note 8 is planned, is not yet known. So Bixby works on the Galaxy S8:


Samsung Galaxy S 8: The test

So far, also not all users of Galaxy S 8 and Galaxy have S8 Plus receive the update. So it may take some time until you can turn off the Bixby button on the smartphone. What do you think of Samsung's give in?

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