Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Shooter is shifted far to the rear

Almost three years ago was another game in the popular zombie universe &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; announced. overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead should provide a tremendous fun in the style of PayDay series, fans of the original and shooter players. But this will now be a long while.


Overkill The Walking Dead Trailer

As the makers of overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead have announced will no longer appear in their work this year. Actually, the co-op shooter end of 2017 should reach the market. Now the whole thing is probably only towards the end of the 2018th A more accurate release dates have not called the makers. Currently it is speculated that Overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead for PC, Xbox One and PS4 will be released. A version for Nintendo switch was not yet talking.

A disturbing game even for adults

We have partnered with the developers of Overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead decided that we expand the production schedule to ensure the full potential of the title and bringing the vision a step further. Along with Skybound Entertainment we take it right to publish an unforgettable experience for fans around the world and to expand the game in the coming years with high quality content.

Already in 2014 was overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead announced as part of the Gamescom. Except for a first &# 8220; Trailer&# 8221 ;, which shows only the atmosphere of the game, there was nothing to be seen. so the shift is not exactly surprising. Nevertheless, many who have then been looking forward to the game are likely (including me) &# 8211; be disappointed that the wait still has no end.

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