Hyrule: Total War – the war also continues next Zelda

In Hyrule there is a war, in addition to the dungeon adventures of Link, Zelda constantly trying to save the. which was really lit so far but not yet by Nintendo &# 8211; but fortunately there is a mod which takes that and runs on Medieval 2: Total War &# 8211; huge war battles are guaranteed!

Hyrule: Total War - the war also continues next Zelda

the Mod &# 8220;Hyrule: Total War&# 8221; is already since 2011 in development and has finally reached the version 3.0 with many new features and bug fixes. There is also an impressive trailer that makes the dimensions of the War of Hyrule clear and, I personally think is a very successful Mod that is created with great attention to detail. However, one must expect no graphic wonder, this is a Modprojekt a few Legend of Zelda enthusiasts Total War * -Spielern.

The 2.2 GB download is available free of charge on ModDB and brings again new life into the old real-time strategy. Wait old familiar heroes and great battles that are unrivaled on you.

(Source: reddit)

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