Twitch: Announces Gronkh its partnership agreement?

As part of a live stream YouTuber Gronkh makes his anger at the platform Twitch air. The frustration rich so far as to think about it, to end its partnership agreement with the streaming service with him.

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On the question of a fan, whether he via YouTube live streams offering answers Erik Range - this is the Let&# 8217; s player whose real name - that he does not really allowed there. Thus he had with Twitch attempts an agreement to find that its streams are available on both platforms, as a chat but continues to use the function of Twitch. Gronkh states that he had been fighting for a year and Twitch remarked end up being ignorant. Piquant about the whole thing: The Rocket Beans and other German streamer could offer no problems multistreaming. applies to Erik, however: "A Gronkh so does not get a contract." The whole story you can hear even from minute 23 in the above embedded stream.

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His response, describes Gronkh with the words "Fuck you!" And admits that he is extremely acidic in this regard. He also made it clear that he still did not know exactly how to deal with it, after all, Twitch lied to the streamer directly. As a consequence Gronkh would like to announce its partnership agreement with the seller.

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Both parties were requested by GIGA GAMES on the subject. However, an opinion from Twitch and another comment by Gronkh is still pending. 

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