PayPal: Money reclaim for private purchase: information, deadlines, period

Who wants to send online payments can do so easily via PayPal. Unlike the normal transfer of the payment provider lures to be able to reclaim money from failed private purchases again. Here you learn how to retrieve money from PayPal, which apply limits and what you should consider general.

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You should know about PayPal

Readily can not recover his money one also at PayPal. It was only when some conditions are met, the money for successfully for a private purchase. B. on eBay refunded.

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PayPal: Money reclaim: How to&# 8217; s

The deadline for reclaiming the payment through PayPal is 180 days after the payment done. During this period, a buyer protection claim must be made at PayPal. Following an application 20 days patience must be brought up to clarifying addition.

Purchase protection is excluded for various product groups, including such count. B .:

  • Digital goods, including downloads, MP3s and Co.
  • Vouchers
  • Intangibles (eg. As services)
  • flight tickets
  • motorized vehicles
  • Articles that can not be shipped

PayPal protects eBay paid items to 1,000 €. Up to this value can get back your money if the goods purchased does not arrive or is not as described.

PayPal: Money reclaim for private purchase: information, deadlines, period

Under "Deviations from the item description"Understands PayPal, among others, the following cases:

  • It is a completely different product than described.
  • The condition described deviates greatly from the default settings.
  • There are missing important parts of the article which is therefore useless.
  • It has delivered a counterfeit product or a pirated copy.
  • Were ordered several items, but delivered in different quantities.

Not reclaim you can offer your money if you not like the product after purchase, or a product not working properly, this error, however, was given in the item description.

Of course, first direct contact with the seller should be sought. In general, problems that arise when making a purchase in this way can be solved quickly and easily. If the seller is not to contact or face stubborn, you have the opportunity to recover the amount paid via PayPal. The money is then frozen in the account of the other person and paid for a successful application back to your PayPal account.

PayPal: Money reclaim for private purchase: information, deadlines, period

Do you therefore bought an article that does not fit the above description, you can ask a buyer protection application to appear or defective delivery.

  1. Login you this one into your PayPal account.
  2. Seek the section "buyer protection".
  3. Now all the information must be presented for purchase.
  4. The seller now has in turn an opportunity to comment.
  5. Note the deadlines that are active after the Buyer Protection request for comment.

PayPal: Money reclaim for private purchase: information, deadlines, period

you only have one chance to reclaim the money from PayPal per transaction. So let's not put off prematurely by the seller to close a case just because of these promises, the goods will now be resupplied you. Only if you keep the right products in your hands, you should successfully complete the case with PayPal. At the same time the seller can prove that his part everything went correctly, z. B. by presenting the shipping document. For the sellers PayPal provides appropriate protection.

We show you also where you can Report spam PayPal.

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