Broadcasting contribution ( “GEZ”) announce: How does it work and who can do that? Moving, template, address

On January 01, 2013, the GEZ fee goes by the name "ARD-ZDF-Germany-Radio Post Service". In addition to the name and the payment conditions have changed. Now it is irrelevant whether you own a television, Internet PC radio in the household. Regardless of the number of devices and people in a household must be paid in monthly monthly 17,98 €. The authorization of these payment collection is controversial. In some cases, however, you can charging for the &# 8220; GEZ&# 8221; cancel.

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Note .: The original article is from the September 16, 2013 and was extended on 03.27.2015 and updated.

In order to terminate the broadcast contribution (formerly GEZ), and thus to free themselves from the obligation to contribute must be different conditions that we present you here.

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What you pay license fees (ex. "GEZ")?

&# 8220; GEZ&# 8221; notice: online, by fax and by submission

If you want to terminate quickly and easily, you will find already a ready-made template for termination at Aboalarm. Fills her an only your radio subscriber number and your name and address. The template can be downloaded as a PDF, and then send it by mail to the post service. Alternatively, you can the &# 8220; GEZ&Send -Kündigung directly online fax over Aboalarm *; #. 8221

GEZ notice by Aboalarm

Broadcast contribution ündigen: One should note

Up to the conversion earlier this year grown children who live with their parents also pay for their own TV, PC and radios had. From 2013, this payment obligation does not apply, since the license fee will be paid a flat rate only for a household. Even those of you who are dependent on BAföG, unemployment benefits or "Hartz IV" are exempt from the payment of contributions, or can hope at least to pay a lower rate. Also for flat-dwellers, the transition expressed positively to the "Post Service", after all, has to be paid only once now in a shared flat. Do you live in a communal apartment and everyone still pays separately for its own devices, you should as soon as possible the &# 8220; GEZ&# 8221; or terminate at Post Service.


Under certain conditions, you can dei fee at GEZ terminate

Also recipients of care and help people with at least 80% disability are entitled to terminate the broadcast contribution, or to pay a reduced amount. Supporting evidence for the reason for termination you must submit accordingly.

Termination is with an informal letter directly to the collection center at the address

ARD-ZDF-Germany radio edit Service
50656 Köln

Do not forget to mention your name and the date subscriber number in the letter. In the GEZ notice you should note that this is retroactive impossible. So do you notice only now on that you've paid too much with your WG-residents, you will receive no reimbursement for the past few months from 2013.

In contributing Service (ex-GEZ) announce: Reasons and conditions

The fee is an eyesore to many citizens, after all, one is here to make a payment sentenced for services that you may not to claim or their quality or content not satisfy one. In early 2013 the fee structure was changed so that a monthly fee of € 17.98 for every household is mandatory. It does not matter if and how many TV sets are located or in the household only just a radio is used.

Broadcasting contribution ( "GEZ") announce: How does it work and who can do that? Moving, template, address

Under certain conditions, you is possible in which G&# 8221; EZ&# 8221; to terminate. These reasons, however, are very limited and only apply to relatively few of you to. Specifically, you can set you free from paying under the following conditions:

  • Moving to a WG: Within a WG must be paid only for household use and not for each individual person. Upon termination, the name and number of the contributions roommate must be specified, which is reported as paying person.
  • In together with a partner: it pulls together with your boyfriend or girlfriend, also eliminates the obligation to pay for a party. Again, the article number, including the name of the fee payer must again be specified in the notice.
  • unsubscribe second home Give her a second home, and no fee has to be paid for the second apartment of course. For the termination letter the address of the second home and an official certificate of cancellation must be accompanied
  • Death: Are members died of you in a single household, actually a dismissal with copied death certificate must be presented to the broadcast center
  • Moving abroad: Tired of Germany? Who does not live in our area, of course, is also no longer required to pay charges for ARD and Co.
  • Moving to a nursing home / facility for people with disabilities: Even with a forced move to a nursing home does not need to &# 8220; GEZ&# 8221; fees are paid


Broadcasting contribution (GEZ) announce: Who is exempt?

Besides the above mentioned reasons, there are also groups of people who are exempt from payment and accordingly terminate the broadcast contribution arrival of the following exceptional cases, and can reduce. This is:

  • Recipients of the aid towards living expenses (welfare)
  • Recipients of basic security in old age
  • Recipients of basic security for disability
  • Receiving social money or ALG II
  • Recipients of benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act
  • Special care beneficiaries
  • Recipients of care assistance
  • BAföG
  • Recipients of vocational training allowance
  • Recipients of training money

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