Windows 7 to factory settings – even without CD

Anyone who uses a Windows computer a long time, collects garbage and cumbersome bits and bytes that slow down the system badly. the computer is running only very slowly, we recommend a fresh start. Find out here how to reset Windows 7th

Windows 7 to factory settings - even without CD

Resetting a Windows 7 computer may also be necessary if a virus has landed on the hard disk or periodical blue screens make a benefit of PCs impossible.

Windows 8 back to Windows 7: frame by frame

Windows 7 Reset: Manual

With regular new installations of the program, the moving of files and the use of tools ballast accumulates in the registry and other data areas, which slows down the work with the PC unnecessary. Should you find that Windows gives trouble after installing a program and z. B. increasingly appear blue screens, the reset is recommended on a Windows 7 recovery point:

  1. control Panel
  2. Recovery (of the points is not visible, the upper right indicator &# 8220; Small Icons&# 8221; put)
  3. "Open System Restore"
  4. Select the desired recovery point
  5. Is a progressively recovery time sought is "Show restore points" in the hook


The number of available restore points depends on the system settings. Since the recovery options, of course, eating space, you can narrow down the memory enable the System Restore:

  • control Panel
  • Advanced system settings
  • computer protection

Here you can specify which drives and hard drives in the Windows 7 backup to engage. is assigned to the more space, the farther can be reset Windows 7th


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Solution to Windows Installer Modules Worker (TiWorker.exe)

Windows 7 Reset: Manual

Restore points are created at selected time intervals in Windows. 7 In addition, a backup of the current state is created when a Windows update runs. Goes with installing the update go wrong, start Windows 7 new and continues in the rule itself on the last recovery option back.


Windows 7 create restore points yourself

Of course you can also manually create Windows 7 restore points:

  1. control Panel
  2. Advanced system settings
  3. computer protection
  4. Create
  5. assign names

When manually selecting a restore point in time is listed which programs and drivers to Reset Windows are affected. 7 As a rule, personal files are not affected by the recovery.

Windows 7 to factory settings

Do you want to reset the computer with Windows 7 completely goes as follows:

  1. control Panel
  2. Restoration
  3. "Advanced Wiederhestellungsmethoden"
  4. Here you can choose from several available ways to Windows return 7 to factory settings.


Alternatively, you can also pick a little gimmick to reset Windows 7 manage to factory settings. In this way, your personal files are not deleted.

  1. Insert the Windows 7 DVD
  2. Run setup.exe on DVD
  3. Choose language and &# 8220; Install Now&# 8221; click
  4. Update download is not required
  5. &Upgrade; # 8220&# 8221; Select the type of installation
  6. Perform installation
  7. Install this update
  8. preserved programs, settings and files
  9. There are clean newly only plays all Windows files

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