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Microsoft Picture Manager download is a now outdated tool for image viewing with some editing functions.

With the Microsoft Picture Manager Download gets her a tool for image viewing with some editing functions. Among the editing features of the program include the ability to resize without pixelation and AutoCorrect. The program also offers some effects and filters. So you can with the Microsoft Picture Manager Download remove, rotate, flip and crop images red eyes. Furthermore, color processing part of the repertoire of the software. You can set up Microsoft Picture Manager on request as the standard for viewing images.

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History of Microsoft Picture Manager

Until Office 2010, Microsoft Picture Manager was download part of the Office suite, initially under the name Microsoft Photo Editor. The surface was not adapted to the ribbon-style, but recently the appearance versions of Office. Since Office 2013 Microsoft Picture Manager of Windows Live was replaced gallery. However, Microsoft Picture Manager is still available as part of SharePoint Designer, which you can download yourselves under the download button it.

Microsoft Picture Manager

If you use Microsoft Office up to version 2010 is Microsoft Picture Manager included in the package. If necessary, you have this reinstall, making sure that the Picture Manager is set up with.

Microsoft Picture Manager is no longer up to date

Microsoft Picture Manager, however, is outdated and not exactly delivers outstanding functionality. It is better you use the more recent Microsoft tool for image viewing Windows Live Photo Gallery or resort to other free programs like Picasa.



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