Firefox (Latest version for XP & Vista) Download

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There is the last version of Firefox that works even on Windows XP and Vista for download: The Firefox version 52.0.2.

Note: We recommend the ESR version of Firefox instead of this version of Firefox. It will continue to receive security updates for Windows XP and Vista.

Firefox (Latest version of XP & Vista)

Microsoft and Mozilla have discontinued support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

  • About the download button you can download for XP and Vista, the last functioning version of Firefox 52.0.2.
  • however, noted that the software can be vulnerable to current viruses and Trojans, as vulnerabilities are not closed.

The final version of Firefox for Windows Vista and XP.

The final version of Firefox for Windows Vista and XP.

We tested the Firefox version and it works perfectly.

What features are missing from Firefox version 52.0.2?

Currently, Firefox is 54.0. current. There are therefore some versions between them and accordingly lacks some new features:

  • Unfortunately, the support to run individual tabs in each process is missing. there was this function only from Firefox 54.0.
  • In Firefox 53.0 graphics stability was improved.
  • The Light and Dark Theme is also missing.
  • The Reader Mode not indicate how long it will take for the indicated page for reading.


  • Last version for Windows XP &# 038; Vista


  • Is deprecated
  • Under certain circumstances, vulnerable to viruses &# 038; Trojans


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