Disable “More than just SMS” notification in Android

Many users of Android devices sue after setting up their device via the notification with the subject "More than just SMS" that shows up constantly on the screen. When reporting you will be prompted to provide his phone number. If you click on the message "Cancel" away, it appears a short time later.


And it now is with this message, entitled "More than just SMS"? The exact wording:

"More than just text - your messaging service now offers even more options: Send alongside your SMS even chat messages, photos, videos and audio messages using your Internet connection. Enjoy now all the benefits of your new messaging experience. We need your phone number for registration. "


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"More than just SMS": off disturbing messages

It is especially annoying on the message that this simply re-appears on the screen after a short time after you press the "Cancel" button.

If you look into the Vodafone forum can be found right there numerous sufferers who get the "More than just SMS" message on the screen. The message should be related to the app "Vodafone Message +", the Vodafone own messaging service. There is also found a workaround to disable the message.

  1. Opens the news app and controls the Inbox.
  2. Expresses there the menu button and open the settings.
  3. Selected as "standard news app" select "Rich Communications".
  4. Remove the check in the "Rich Communications" and confirms the deactivation of the service with "OK".

Alternatively, you can install and temporarily set up as the default app for messages, the message + App. then sets over the phone settings back to normal SMS app as the default application for chatting on the device.


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Disable "More than just SMS" notification in Android

Disable "More than just SMS" notification in Android

If the annoying message does not disappear, only a reset of the device helps.

If you are not a Vodafone customer or have disabled the service and the message still occurs, you can do the following:

  • Checks if you like messaging apps have been installed.
  • Often also users of the messaging app "Joyn" Telekom Report with annoying impressions of this kind.
  • Since the message is very common, it may well be that hackers make the message advantage and here hide behind a Android virus. could be about to enter the number z. B. unconsciously take out a paid subscription.
  • If the message did not get rid of her and find other unknown or unusual things on the device next to "More than just SMS" itself, the device is via hard reset to factory settings. Thus, potential viruses that could have ended up on the smartphone, deleted.
  • Similar works as the Android-warning &# 8220; Telephone (13) may Virus!&# 8220;

Source: Vodafone Forum

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