The swine flu or H1N1: Symptoms, Vaccination, risk treatment

The H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, is a variant of the flu and spreading every year around the time of Carnival. What swine flu is who is especially at risk and should be vaccinated, and what symptoms triggers the disease, learn it in our guide.

Since the beginning of the flu season last October already 13,290 influenza cases have been reported by February 19 2016th The Robert Koch Institute confirmed that the proportion of swine flu pathogens in influenza cases in the past year was particularly high and the east of Germany particularly hard hit. Severe cases will occur again this year, especially in younger patients. Important and interesting facts about swine flu you read below.

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What is swine flu?

  • 2008 swine flu first appeared in Mexico. In Germany, the swine flu occurred strengthened from 2009 onwards.
  • It is a combination of avian, human and swine viruses.
  • It attacks against their name no pigs but is transmitted from person to person through respiratory droplets (coughing, sneezing, but also when speaking).
  • The virus is spread, unlike with regular flu in the summer months.
  • The incubation period of the swine influenza lasts from one to four days. During this time, the virus can be transmitted even.
  • The swine flu called H1N1 in medicine and disappears among the sufferers usually without consequences again.

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Who is most at risk of contracting the swine flu?

An increased risk of developing swine flu, have the same groups of people, as with other forms of flu. At risk are especially:

  • Children and the elderly
  • diabetic
  • People with severe obesity
  • Immunocompromised patients
  • pregnant woman
  • People with chronic conditions such as asthma or arteriosclerosis
  • People who work in doctors' offices, schools, kindergartens and nursing homes

But the current swine flu hits younger adults without chronic pre-existing conditions.

swine flu

THe first swine flu often starts with a headache and fever.

The symptoms of swine flu

The following swine flu signs are there:

  • fever
  • a headache
  • Cough and / or sore throat
  • Joint and limb pain
  • chills
  • Severe cases where a viral pneumonia with shortness of breath and severe chest pain occurs in this country are rare.

A flu infection can only be detected if the doctor can make a swab and a lab test, which is rarely the case.

The incubation period of the swine flu

Were the viruses transmitted by droplet infection, pass one to three days until the outbreak of the disease. During this time, infected people are contagious and can pass on the swine flu virus.

Swine flu vaccination: Can I protect myself against swine flu?

There is no reliable protection against the flu, but also hampers common flu shot the virus to spread. Because the flu vaccine is also contain a component against swine flu. So who is vaccinated against influenza, needs no extra vaccination. The Robert Koch Institute recommends especially children and the elderly (60 years) to get vaccinated against swine flu. Other measures to protect against swine flu are:

  • regular, thorough hand washing with soap (especially if you are there, where many people gather, such as in public transport)
  • a hand gel or a spray bottle with a disinfectant for hands is convenient for travel
  • dry rooms are bad for the mucous membranes, Sleep on best with the windows open
  • keep tissues handy
  • Walks and jogging in the fresh air strengthen the immune system
  • healthy diet with vitamins and low in alcohol
  • little stress and alcohol, lots of water
  • enough sleep

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What measures are recommended during the swine flu?

  • much drinking
  • your temperature twice a day
  • A doctor visit so that you can recuperate in peace at home. Here, a home visit is best suited to prevent the spread of viruses.
  • As swine flu drugs called neuraminidase inhibitors are prescribed. Examples include oseltamivir and zanamivir (Source: These funds could indeed easily shorten the duration of flu symptoms, but there was insufficient evidence that they can reliably prevent serious complications.

For questions or a suspected swine flu please visits a physician. An expert can advise you and take the necessary measures.

Proportion of swine flu (H1N1) to the wide Germany flu cases

That H1N1 for many years is part of the flu outbreak, you can see in this graph of the Robert Koch Institute on The swine flu is here marked in black. Especially in the season 2015/2016 she had a share of 43% on the acquired influenza cases in this country. Nevertheless, there has been even years like 2009/2010 or 2000/2001, where it is more often a question of this flu type. For 2017 are currently no conclusive data.

Statista H1N1 flu cases

Swine Flu 2016

As with any flu swine influenza runs (also called new flu) usually harmless. However, there are severe cases. In the flu season in winter 2015/2016 the swine flu so far claimed about 17 victims (February 2016). In the first week of February, the Robert Koch Institute submitted 2,400 influenza diseases, including the H1N1 cases. Especially the type A (H1N1) pdm09 is represented, according to RKI in the current influenza epidemic in proportion to about 70 percent. In our article influenza outbreak currently you learn how you can track the spread of flu in Germany online. Often, the actual numbers of patients remain uncertain, however, since many do not go to the doctor to treat the non-prescription medicines and consider it a harmless cold.

Was the swine flu in 2016 compared with previous years?

The swine flu in 2009 also caused at the time of media attention. The current flu epidemic in 2016, according to Silke caught Buda (influenza expert at the Robert Koch Institute) is currently rather healthy middle-aged people (between 15-59 years) heavier and more frequent than in recent years. International there were more patients in intensive care, what in particular the swine flu virus was to blame. But the flu vaccine also makes it the flu variants heavy and so the constant inoculation commission recommends the most vulnerable to a swine flu vaccination. The annual vaccine against the flu is also a part against the swine flu virus.

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Can I fall ill with swine flu when I eat pork?

There is clear: There is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through preparation and consumption of pork. The influenza germs are also killed at 72 degrees Celsius.

If you or your loved ones Were you immune to the swine flu and you feel safer with the above tips, you can perhaps enjoy the following swine flu song. True to the motto: Age classic rock Simon Desue even 2016 yet, thereby securing a YouTube over 2,440,970 subscribers (as of 05.08.2016).

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Image Sources: ImagePoint Fri and Subbotina Anna via Shutterstock

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