partition a USB stick and change the drive letter

USB drives are drives, almost like a hard disk. We have to partition a USB stick, if we want to use it on the PC. As a rule, new drives are partitioned and formatted. But sometimes you want to change the yes.

partition a USB stick and change the drive letter

An equal advance: It is often looking for a way to partition a USB stick and to split it that way. So almost accommodate multiple drives or drive letter on a USB stick. Although that's technically, you can in Windows still only one partition of a USB stick to use! There will always be detected in this case, only the first partition to be valid. This has, inter alia, to do with how USB Sticks log on to the computer. They are slower than hard disks and are therefore treated differently. With some sticks that will work, but the masses did here in the cold. Although it is possible with the help of special drivers and a few tricks, your own system to be &# 8220; persuade&see # 8221 ;, two partitions of a USB stick, but it is on any other computer work. Linux can not do this, Windows and Mac &# 8211; I'm sorry.

Partition USB Stick

Although Windows takes a special tool for partitioning with, but working with it is inconvenient and complicated. Under &# 8220; Start / Run &# 8221; diskpart&# 8221; we can call a DOS window in which we have to shimmy us manually by the commands &# 8211; without making an error.

Even so if you can do some partitioning tasks with the Disk Management of Windows, you should in such projects rather on special partitioning tools fall back on. Of these, there are several free. Recommended for such purposes as Partition Wizard Home Edition. The program is suitable for all partitioning tasks, no matter on which media. It can subdivide existing partitions, enlarge and shrink. And of course, it can create new partitions and format these.

partition usb stick

Partition Wizard can partition upon request a USB stick and be identical specify the format

Unfortunately, even this utility does not help us when it comes to the division of USB sticks. While it can actually divide a drive into multiple partitions and assign drive letters to the partitions, but profit us nothing because Windows does not recognize the different partitions. Only the first partition is recognized and can be used.

So if we want to partition a USB stick, for example, if some tool has given him a special partition to which we can not do anything, then the Partition Wizard is the right place for it. We see right a list of drives and partitioning data. On the left is a menu from which we can choose the actions. Above the actions with &# 8220; Apply&# 8221; started.

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