Pokémon sun and moon: remove Score and start new game

In Pokémon sun and moon you are allowed to once again create only one game. So will you start a new game, which will be carefully considered. In this article we explain how you can make a new start and we also go to the question of whether you can create several Scores simultaneously.

Strategy Guide for Pokémon sun & Buy moon!

Do you already have a lot of time Sun & moon spent and captured all Pokémon, you may wish to start from the front and one Start new game. Or do you want but choose another generation and therefore a start new game. This is the game not a problem, but is explicitly declared at any point, which is why we want to help you with the following guide.

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Pokémon sun and moon - earn quick money and experience

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Pokémon sun and moon: Start a new game and delete old Score

If you sun & launches moon, you have only a single score, which you can load. Do you want to Clear Score, there for any item in the menu. As with many other 3DS games also, this is only a special method that can be carried out as follows.

  1. Start the game on the Home Menu the Nintendo 3DS.
  2. Once the 3DS logo fades, simultaneously presses the buttons Pad above + B + X.
  3. Hold the key while pressing until a message appears.
  4. now confirmed the message, we suggest using your Clear Score want.
  5. Now you can a start new game and create a fresh game.

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Stay photos and videos received?

If you worry that by Score deletion also lost your fight videos and photos, you can rest assured. These are namely separately in the additional data saved. Here shot photos and videos of the Pokémon viewfinder are stored. The additional data found at the following location.

Home Menu → System Settings → Data management → Nintendo 3DS

The additional data have nothing to do with the memory status and are created at each first start a new game.

pokemon-sun-and-moon-new-game-launch-game stand-remove-screenshot

Unhappy with the choice of your starter? A reboot helps.

Pokémon sun and moon: Can you create multiple Scores?

Do you want a second or even create multiple save points, does that only when their sun or moon over the eShop you bought. This, however, you need additionally a second SD card or Micro-SD card.

  • Changes the SD card and invites you your Edition down again.
  • So to upload your Change Scores, by her simply changing the SD card.
  • On the New 3DS system the whole is unfortunately somewhat more complicated, since bolts must be solved in order to access the micro SD slot.

With a normal physical version the game is not possible to create additional scores, because this one stored directly on the module become.

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