Vertical line: key command for keyboard, Word and Mac

Although found on the keyboard already numerous icons that can be used for all kinds of texts, but can not be found right away each character. So it looks ( "|") with the vertical line from.

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A vertical stroke keyboard is for. As required for enumerations or mathematical formulas.


Tip: So you can insert a line in Word.

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Thus a vertical line is written with keyboard

Do you want to write with the keyboard the vertical line, the "Alt Gr" So the left "Alt" key, hold down and presses the "Bigger" - "Little" button next to the "Y" and the " Windows "key.

  • "Alt" + "<>"Key = |

Will seek to ensure to press the right "Alt" key. Do you use, however, the "Alt" key to the left of the space bar, the screen is blank. | The key combination can vertical bar are used inter alia in Word. On the Swiss keyboard there is the vertical bar with the "Alt Gr" + "1".vertical-dash-write

On the Mac, you use the Alt key to the left of the Command key on the keyboard, so that a vertical line appears on the screen. The vertical bar is often called "pipe" or "pipe character".

Vertical line: key command for keyboard, Word and Mac

In use there is only a small selection of characters that actually can bring about the third assignment of the buttons on the screen. With us you learn such. B. continues, how can write the average mark of how to get the infinity symbol on the screen and what is the keyboard shortcut for Approximately characters. And the writing of symbols is possible with the keyboard. Thus, can. B. next to a vertical line and the heart or the middle finger in Word and Co. are written. An overview of all the symbols and signs you find in our Alt-code table.

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