Windows 10 release date – release in Germany & amp; international

When will Windows released 10? What is the exact date of the release or the start date for the new Microsoft OS? Will the OS be to have international everywhere at the same time? All information about the release date of Windows 10 can be found here. 

Windows 10 release date - release in Germany & amp; international

Windows 10 release date & Release - When is the Germany-start?

Originally, Windows 10 should appear yet, 2014. But it was known nothing. Microsoft has postponed the release on July 29, 2015. Meanwhile, you can reserve you Windows 10th Most users will, however, still have to wait longer for a few days or weeks until they could actually install Windows 10. Why this is so, you learn in the next section.


To release Windows 10 will not yet bring all the promise of new features. These will be submitted in the weeks and months after the actual appearance of the end of July.

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Windows 10: The top 10 tuning tips and tricks

In brief: All information about the Windows 10 release at a glance

  • For all owners of Microsoft Windows 7 and -8 Windows is distributed 10 per upgrade from July 29, 2015.
  • This date, however, only the official release date: Only those who participate in the Insider program, the latest iteration, however, actually can download 29.
  • All others who have already registered for an update follow somewhat later. Microsoft will enable the upgrade for more and more users on the day away. So it can take days or even weeks until the update is released for all interested parties. 
  • Update: There are reports that Windows has started in many users enjoy download the files necessary for installation. Not only insiders them &# 8220; affected&# 8221 ;. With any luck, so can the other users who have a version reserved for the past few weeks, start right tomorrow with Windows 10th
  • Microsoft has released a website to launch online.
  • The update will be downloaded and then the user is informed about the possibility of installation.
  • This process of piecemeal coasting updates know Android users only too well from system updates. This can go on for weeks.

Starting on July 29, we will start rolling out Windows 10 to our Windows Insiders. From there, we will start Notifying reserved system in waves, slowly scaling up after July 29th. Each day of the roll-out, we will listen, learn and update the experience for all Windows 10 users. - Microsoft blog

  • Both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Home as Pro will be made available in this way and at the same time.
  • If one's system should not be compatible with Windows 10, contrary to expectations, you get a hint and help from Microsoft instead of the update. More about the system requirements for Windows 10 you read behind the link.
  • Windows 10 for smartphones and Xbox to follow later in the fall.
  • An upgrade will be 30 days undoable, should there be unforeseen problems or the user Windows simply does not appeal to the 10th
  • To purchase on an optical disk or USB flash drive Windows 10 will likely be available until several days later.

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Windows 10: The 10 most important innovations at a glance


Windows 10: Top Features

Information over time: all about speculation on the release date of Windows 10 at a glance

Below you will find an overview of all developments and speculation surrounding the release of the new Microsoft OS:

2. Update June 1, 2015

Sometimes it's faster than you can write: After we published yesterday our article, Microsoft has already minutes later named the official release date. It will be possible to update from July 29, 2015 its Windows 7 and Windows 8 version via the update feature on Windows 10th 

When the consumer version will hit retail, we do not know. End of August, it could be ready as well. About HoloLens and Windows Phone 10 Unfortunately we know nothing new.


Microsoft HoloLens

Update June 1, 2015:

Meanwhile, Microsoft know even point to the imminent release of Windows 10 in the taskbar. You now have the opportunity to reserve you a version.

  • Currently there are no download of Windows 10 files, even if this is suggested.
  • Also on the release, there is no further information up to date, here but we expect that there is something new on the next day.
  • More information: Windows and reserve download

Rumors about the exact release way, there is every now and then: Some talk of July, others by August &# 8211; all of course pure speculation. As reported by some sites that an American distributor already lists Windows 10th But neither price nor specified release date (August 31) must actually be true, it may here also be a placeholder.

Book Gallery Windows 10

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Update the end of May 2015: publication of the release date on June 1?

The website Dr. Windows will have learned that Microsoft will call the exact release next Monday, June 1. Even if we can not verify the veracity of this claim, it does not sound unrealistic if the actual release of Windows 10 will be held for PCs in late July.

We can only hope that by then Windows is almost 10 really like it, promise the Redmond company.

Update May 2015: Windows for PC in the summer, Windows Phone and 10 HoloLens later

Finally there is a few bits of information to an early release of the new Microsoft OS. Microsoft employees Belfiore spoke under the Build conference on the various Windows 10 versions release. The OS will not be released simultaneously on all platforms, but spread over a certain period.

  • Windows for PCs is still scheduled for the summer.
  • Windows Phone 10 will come a little later to the market, we expect the fall 2015.
  • Windows 10 is to be further developed and receive many updates and upgrades, not only Windows, but also the smartphone version also after the actual release.
  • Surface Hub and HoloLens are not tied to this data, but are placed separately on the market. New information, there was not, but it seems as if it will not appear with Windows 10 for PCs HoloLens but follow its own timetable, which depends on software, but also hardware development.

Joe Belifore is Coporate Vice President responsible for Microsoft and Windows Phone.

Joe Belfiore is Coporate Vice President responsible for Microsoft and Windows Phone.

An official release date although there is still not, but on the latest Microsoft developer conference is rumored again and again from June 29 as a start for Windows 10 for PC.

10 to appear in the same period as Windows: AR glasses HoloLens.

To appear later than Windows 10: AR glasses HoloLens.

Update April 2015: Windows 10 release in late July?

Finally some news about the release of the new Microsoft OS: AMD has betrayed in conjunction with the release of its own quarterly figures more about the release of Microsoft 10th The CEO of AMD, Lisa Su, said in a question and answer session at the end of the event, that Windows 10 end of July 2015 appears. 

Microsoft has not officially confirmed this information, but we can assume that in the statement there is something, AMD has as partners of Microsoft certainly trumpeted access to such information and has in the past one or two times still confidential info ,

Release probably already in summer &# 8211; Start by autumn

Microsoft announced yesterday in his own blog, that the release of the new OS is to take place in the summer of 2015 &# 8211; namely in 190 countries and 111 languages. Terry Myerson itself, the head of Windows, announced as part of the Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) on the Windows blog that the launch date of Windows 10 but should be sooner than many expected in summer, 2015.

A few weeks ago there had been rumors that it might be so far in August. The sets of Myerson now confirm this - However, an exact month for the launch is still pending. Both Windows 7 and 8 came in October, when Windows 10 should start no later than August: Nevertheless, Microsoft is likely to deviate from its previous schedule.

Probably Microsoft Windows 10 is first to deliver to manufacturers of PCs and laptops, possibly as early as June, as is rumored in the Brance. In July, the consumer's turn could then be. Windows-7 and -8 users will be able to download the new version easily and comfortably and installed via the update function &# 8211; free. That's the way it has to be.

The conference also announced that Lenovo has joined the new partner for Windows Phone 10th We are looking forward to the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. There are also new information about the Windows 10 system requirements, and be quite moderate.


Advertising Windows 10

Windows Hello the release of Windows 10

To start Windows 10 Windows Hello also to be available. This is a technology that uses biometric data to make passwords unnecessary. All information can be found here: Top 10 most important innovations of Windows 10th


Windows 10 - Hello

Update Windows 7 and 8 prepares launch of Windows 10 &# 8211; now with an upgrade button

A few weeks ago, there were already about the update feature of Windows update, which is directly related to Windows 10 and older versions prepared for the upgrade.

When updating the following notice was obtained in the description:

Update provides additional features for Windows update notifications in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1.

Do not worry, many a page writes lurid that Microsoft einschleuse a downloader. The total is optional but, firstly, on the other hand, it extends the current operating systems simply to be able to download Windows 10 - and even being advised of the possibility of the download. If one does not want to, you just can not install the update.

By the way: In a subfolder of Windows, a new folder called GWX after the update can be found. This will probably stand for Get Windows X (10).

Starting today, you also get a button in the Windows task bar, on which you can sign up for an upgrade to Windows 10 already. Unlike it is suggested that you can download no Windows 10 data.

More information can be found here: Book and Windows 10 download.


More information

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  • Microsoft HoloLens: Price and Release
  • Windows 10 System Overview


Windows 10 The Best Windows Yet

Windows 10

Windows 10 finally back to the Start menu. Source: The Verge

Windows 10 finally back to the Start menu. Source: The Verge

Windows 10 is to be a fresh start for Microsoft. If you have tried with Windows 8 to combine tablet, laptop and desktop systems, you row, this time back a little, and for example, integrated back a Home button with Start menu.

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  • Already by the name Microsoft wants to make the distance to Windows 8 clear: Windows 9 and Windows 10: Why was the name changed?
  • The new features of Windows 10 is available in our detailed article: Windows 10 &# 8211; Features at a glance.



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