Bloodborne: All trophies and achievements – Guide and Tips 100%

Those who have no difficulty in Blood Borne, to stay alive, may require a different challenge. We could offer the 34 achievements and trophies, which includes the spiritual Dark Souls sequel you out. We have taken the Achievements to the chest and guide you on the bloody path to 100%. (UPDATE: The DLC The Old Hunters are added six other achievements)


Bloodborne Launch Trailer

Bloodborne sends you in the skin of a hunter after Yharnam, a cursed spot. Instead here to shoot wild pigs and it says action against undead and other creatures from the low dens with scythe and gun. In the success, hosting the PS4-exclusive action adventure, you can see already that the focus is heavily designed for the killing of unusual Biesern.

But also to the other tasks we have been thinking for you, so you can go out from bloodborne with 100% and you can leave the place at last with the platinum trophy.

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All trophies and achievements in Bloodborne

106001 Bloodborne platinum
 Acquires all the trophies in Blood Borne
106002 Yharnam Sunrise gold
 Survived until sunrise
106003 wish to acknowledge gold
 Seized by the presence of the moon you swear to watch over the dream of the hunter. (?)
106004 Early childhood gold
 You lead humanity as Baby Grand in their next child. (?)
106005 Yharnam, pthumerianische Queen gold
 Defeat Yharnam, the queen of the ancient labyrinth
106006 Hunter essence gold
 Finds all hunters weapons
106007 Craft of the huntergold
 Find all the tools of the hunter
106008 armorer silver
 Find a weapon the highest level
106009 Blood Gem Master silver
 Finds an extremely rare blood gem
106010 Runemasters silver
 Found an extremely rare Caryll Rune
106011 Cainhurst silver
 Step into Cainhurst, the lost castle ruins
106012 The choir silver
 Step into the realm of the choir, the upper layer of Healing Church
106013 The sources of the dream silver
 Finds the abandoned old workshop, the source of the dream of the hunter
106014 Nightmare teaching auditorium silver
 Step into the Byrgenwerth-classroom building in the realm of nightmares
106015 Father Gascoigne bronze
 Defeat the transformed Father Gascoigne
106016 vicar Amelia bronze
 Defeat the transformed vicar Amelia
106017 Shadows of Yharnam bronze
 Defeat the shadow of Yharnam
106018 Rome, the mindless spider bronze
 Defeat the Great Rome, the mindless spider
106019 Reincarnated bronze
 Defeat the regenerate
106020 Micolash, host of the nightmare bronze
 Defeat Micolash, the host of the nightmare
106021 MERGOS nurse bronze
 the Great defeated MERGOS nurse
106022 Cleric Beast bronze
 Defeat the cleric-beast
106023 Blood Hungry Beast bronze
 Blood Hungry Beast defeated
106024 The Witch of Hemwick bronze
 Defeat the Witch of Hemwick
106025 Dark Beast Paarl bronze
 Defeat the Dark Beast Paarl
106026 amygdala bronze
 Defeat the Grand amygdala
106027 martyrs Logarius bronze
 Defeat the martyrs Logarius
106028 heavenly Messenger bronze
 Defeat the Grand Heavenly Messenger
106029 Ebrietas, daughter of the cosmos bronze
 the Great Ebrietas, daughter defeated the cosmos
106030 Blood Gem Contact bronze
 Finds a blood gem for upgrading a hunting weapon
106031 Contact Rune bronze
 Finds a Caryll Rune
106032 Goblet of Pthumeru bronze
 Finds the cup from Pthumeru
106033 Cup of suffering Lorans bronze
 Takes the cup of suffering Lorans
106034 Goblet of Isz bronze
 Finds the cup from Isz

Achievements and Trophies in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Bloodborne Success Age hunters essence&# 8220; Age hunters&-essence; # 8221gold
finds all &# 8220; Age hunters&Weapons; # 8221
Bloodborne success orphan from KosOrphan boy from Kossilver
Defeat Grand: orphan of Kos
Bloodborne success Ludwig the Holy SwordLudwig, the Holy Swordbronze
was defeated the Beast, formerly Ludwig, the Holy Sword
Bloodborne success Duchess Maria of the astral movementPrincess Maria of the astral clock towerbronze
Defeat the Princess Maria of the astral clock tower
Bloodborne success Vivid failuresLiving failuresbronze
Defeated the failed attempts to the existence as Grand
Bloodborne success Laurence, the first VicarLaurence, the first Vicarbronze
Defeated the Beast, formerly Laurence, the first vicar was


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