So can play a MOV file or convert

MOV files saved in QuickTime format from Apple. These files are, inter alia, generated by the iPhone when it absorbs videos. Here we explain how to open that plays on the PC and also converted.


VLC Media Player - a brief test of the video-rounder

On the PC, movies are not very common in the form of a MOV file and not very popular. For a long time played only the Apple QuickTime program from these films and nestled deep into the system and bugged. Meanwhile, to play these data a number of other players.

play a MOV file

From the iPhone you get a MOV file either via iTunes on the PC, or simply through Explorer. To do this we connect iPhone to the USB cable to the PC, and wait a moment. After a short time, the device appears under the drives in Windows Explorer.

The MOV file, we can now directly load

The MOV file, we can now directly load

Now we can click through us through the open directories and eventually land there, where stored in the iPhone photos and videos. Since there are also the MOV files. If we have already linked to a program, we see the icon of the corresponding program and can still start the files on the iPhone directly and play. We can also copy to the hard drive from there to look at them later to send the or edit.

A very good application to play not only a MOV file, but just about any video format, is the freeware VLC media player. If this program are already on the computer, but not the default program for playing MOV files, so can this be changed quickly.

  • First, click on the MOV file with the right mouse button
  • In the context menu &Open with; # 8220&# 8221; click and in the submenu the point &# 8220; Select Default Program&# 8220 ;.
  • This opens a window that we u.U. already some programs shows that are suitable to open a MOV file. VLC is under, we select it. Otherwise we click on &Browse; # 8220&# 8221; and locate the program.

Now we can start a MOV file easily with a double click. it is still on the iPhone, Windows will copy them once from there to a temporary directory. If the video &# 8220; lie on the side&# 8221 ;, because you did not keep the phone at the movies in landscape mode, so we can rotate gradually in VLC video.

convert a MOV file

In the previous chapter we saw that you can play perfectly with the VLC media player MOV files. Less known is the fact that we can convert it to another format a movie from MOV format with this program directly.

VLC can convert a MOV file directly to other formats

VLC can convert a MOV file directly to other formats

MOV file &# 8211; Step by step

  • First we start the VLC media player
  • in the menu &Media; # 8220&# 8221; we choose &# 8220; Convert / Save&# 8221; or alternatively we use the key combination Ctrl-R.
  • In the next window, we first select the file from above by building on &Adding; # 8220&# 8221; click and pick them
  • At the bottom, we click on the button Convert / Save and open another window
  • The choice is there to convert and we choose the Profile, the video format that you want, our target file. Among other things, we can choose there under MP4, AVI, MPEG 1 and select OGG, as well as special formats for Apple TV.
  • Under the target file, we choose the name and location of the target file.
  • With the start we start the conversion of MOV file.

Here, too, is of course that we have to shoot the video may first before it is displayed in the correct orientation. With this method, we have videos from our MOV movie, which can be displayed properly on any device, without having to install a special program.

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