DVI to HDMI – Connect with adapter or cable?

switch from DVI to HDMI will be required, for example when the notebook has only a DVI output, but you want to use the HDMI input of a larger monitor. We call you the options and call reasonable prices.

DVI to HDMI - Connect with adapter or cable?

The interface DVI (Digital Visual Interface) should be a standard for transmitting video data. the HDMI port enforced - by now but has been mainly in the field of TVs and other consumer electronics - and even in computer monitors and graphics cards. The problem to switch from DVI to HDMI is therefore mainly found in older devices with newer acquisitions. Broadly speaking, there are two ways to connect devices with such different connections:

  1. DVI to HDMI cable
  2. DVI to HDMI adapter

Adapter solutions are really only useful if old cables are to be necessarily continue to be used. Price differences are not so high.


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DVI to HDMI cable

The connections to the devices is always &# 8220; Female&# 8221 ;. There are inserted plug. Accordingly you need for a cable solution to switch DVI to HDMI, on the one hand a &# 8220; male&# 8221; DVI connector on the other the HDMI counterpart.

DVI HDMI monitor

DVI and HDMI ports on a monitor

You can find DVI to HDMI cable *DVI to HDMI - Connect with adapter or cable? For example, on Amazon. The high-quality solution behind our link costs 8.90 euros for a 1.5 meter cable. You will certainly find some more expensive, but do not be telling that plated plug noticeably improve the picture!

On one hand, the cable has a DVI connector on the other side of the HDMI connector. So you can order such as a notebook connect to a smart TV to show movies from your hard drive there.

order DVI to HDMI cable on Amazon

DVI to HDMI adapter

When adapter solutions you have to think and also better look. After all, the only used if the adapter is to be plugged into a device and the connection is then made with an existing cable. And here's the question: What kind of cable you already?

dvi cable

Do you have a DVI cable, then you need an adapter that plugs into an HDMI port. so he has a &# 8220; male&# 8221; HDMI side have. But on the other hand he has a &# 8220; Male&# 8221; DVI cable can get in - so &# 8220; female DVI&# 8221; be. For example, a DVI-D to HDMI adapter *DVI to HDMI - Connect with adapter or cable? costs 7.85 euros on Amazon. As you can already buy almost a cable, right?

Do you need the reverse solution and want to connect an existing HDMI cable into an adapter, which in turn comes into a DVI port, then the price of this DVI-D to HDMI male adapter *DVI to HDMI - Connect with adapter or cable? around 6.48 euros. He's on one side &# 8220; female HDMI&# 8221 ;, on the other &# 8220; male DVI&# 8221;

DVI female male to HDMI adapter at Amazon

HDMI female male to DVI Adapter at Amazon

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