Why is Wednesday “Mountain Festival”?

Again and again Wednesday to read on Facebook, Twitter and other social media statements like "Finally Bergfest!". But what do we mean behind the mountain festival? And why "celebrates" one that always middle of the week?

Why is Wednesday

Very simply stated, refers to the "Mountain Festival" the point at which half of the week, or work week is over. In a regular working week from Monday to Friday, the mountain festival is accordingly on Wednesday. The "Mountain Festival" in the work environment can be equated with the term "half-time" at sporting events.


What does AMK?

"Mountain Festival" on Wednesday: significance and an explanation of the term

In general, the time can not only describe the crossing of the middle of a working week, but most other periods. Even in the army one speaks about the "Mountain Festival", when half of the service has recently been exceeded. In filming it, however celebrated, if half of the filming has been reached.


The origins of the term in a metaphorical significance. The Mountain Festival is not really celebrated, rather it is an indication of a time to be. The working week or the other, often more unpleasant periods are compared to climbing a mountain. The mountain rise is seen as particularly stressful, while lighter and more relaxed going after passing the hilltop to the goal.

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"Mountain Festival": definition of the term

The Duden leads to the entry "Mountain Festival", the definition of a "hard" or a "celebration after half a specified time". The term is used here colloquially as a rule.

With us you will find plenty of other explanations of common expressions. So you learn with us about why Thursdays often 'tbt' is used in social media, while it says on Friday "TGIF".

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