Dark Souls 3

Fight. The. Repeat. No other game death is so motivating as the Souls series. With Dark Souls 3 the gloomy hardcore RPG goes into the next round and promises to delight the fans again proven virtues and meaningful innovations.

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Dark Souls 3 in the test

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Dark Souls 3: Back in the armor

After the trip to bloodborne where you have hunted werewolves in leather and mounted with pistol in a Victorian setting, dedicated to series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki again the Souls series. after Demon&# 8217; s Souls and Dark Souls he found at Dark Souls 3 again as Game Director the tone. According to Miyazaki opponents and card design are difficult to make again designed each daredevil player's life. Souls fans rejoice, while not as masochistic assessed Players unnerved throw the pad against the wall.

Dark Souls 3: Dragon must of course be in every Souls game.

Dark Souls 3: Dragon must of course be in every Souls game.

On proven gameplay will not change even on the third part. As before, you fight in the Third-person perspective through dark levels and must also normal opponents sent sword, use bow and shield to survive. In the usual screen-filling boss mobs finally all your skills are overused. As a reward, while waving back souls, her invested in Level Rises or skin on the head with dealers for better Aurüstung.

Dark Souls 3: Beginner Tips and Guide for the perfect start

What's New?

developer from software has sought to take into account the feedback from the fans and integrated some new features in Dark Souls. 3

  • The weapon skills allow you, depending on the weapon special attacks for more damage execute.
  • The character creation has been enhanced with additional options and still offers you more options for customizing your game characters.
  • The level architecture based again more Dark Souls and has about as many levels as Dark Souls 2. However, these are again organic linked.

As usual for the series, there is no active storytelling, but you have the events in the world based on interpreting item descriptions and link loose ends together. The developers say the level design of weathered Beauty, which is reflected in covered by ash fall ruins that are lit only by a little sunlight.

Dark Souls 3: boss fights back among the highlights in the role play.

Dark Souls 3: boss fights back among the highlights in the role play.

Classes and attributes

When the game starts you can choose from 10 starters classes and start the role-play. It is the classic Knights up to the magician something for everyone. Who still wants to slightly increase the level of difficulty at the beginning, starting with the beggar who starts with loincloth, mace and wooden sign on the wild and only soul level 1 has. More you read in the Special: Dark Souls 3: Classification and burial gifts at a glance.

Mixed classes of melee and magic as the herald can be selected.

Mixed classes of melee and magic as the herald can be selected.

Dark Souls 3 is a wash true roleplaying with many different attributes and status values. After each level you are allowed to climb a point on values ​​such as strength, intelligence and endurance spread and thus makes your character more and more. Here, any increase affects different aspects. How the system works well, you read in the Special Dark Souls 3: Attributes explains &# 8211; all the states in detail.

Dark Souls Walkthrough 3: roadmap and checklist of all secrets

Eide and NPCs

In many places of the mysterious game world meet you every now and then various NPCs, are following all their own goals and give you cryptic quests. This includes:

  • Sorcery teacher Orbeck of Vinheim: From him you learn all spells in Dark Souls. 3
  • Wonderful teacher Irina of Carim: From your you learn all the miracles in Dark Souls. 3
  • Pyromancy teacher Cornyx: From him you learn all Pyromantien in Dark Souls. 3
  • Karla the witch: it puts you in dark wonders and Pyromantien.
  • Onion Knight Siegward Catarina
  • Leonhard, the ring finger
  • Sirris from the sunless kingdom
  • dealer Greirat
  • deserter Hawkwood
  • Anri of Astora and Horace

Some NPCs grant you access to new oaths.

Some NPCs grant you access to new oaths.

As in past Souls parts you can eight different Eide discover. These are groups and factions that reward you for certain actions. As if their other players invadet and defeated them, or if you as a warrior of sunlight help other players in boss battles.

Dark Souls 3: Eide - all localities and rewards

Arms and Armor

Your character defined in Dark Souls 3 also very happy about your equipment and weapons. So there are plenty of swords, axes, hammers, spears, wands and even whips in the game world to find, all of whom bring their own move-set and play different. Depending on the preferred style of play you can play around a lot here to find your favorite weapon. We also show you the localities of the best weapons in Dark Souls. 3

The right weapon can provide benefits to you for some enemies.

The right weapon can provide benefits to you for some enemies.

A similar variety awaits you even in the armor. Unlike Dark Souls 2 you can this not more increase, but you will also find so countless robes, armor and leather ravines to protect your character perfectly. Here, you always need on your load eighth. Are you listening to heavy armor, you can only roll slowly and avoid enemies more difficult. How to get to the localities of all armaments in Dark Souls. 3

Dark Souls 3: All rings and their discovery sites at a glance

Release and platforms

Dark Souls 3 was published on April 12, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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