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The app consists of two parts: one placed after the installation the icon of OG YouTube in the App Drawer and right next to it is the OG YouTube Downloader. 

OG YouTube is a user modification of the original YouTube app for Android. The app expands to YouTube features that one (at least partially) would want in the normal Android app:

  • Download YouTube videos in all available grades
  • Parallel download videos
  • Download videos directly as MP3
  • Video quality can be regulated (if available) in the App between 140p, and 1080p
  • Screen Off Playback (video continues to play when the screen is off)

While OG YouTube is an enhanced version of the standard YouTube app, the OG YouTube Downloader manages video and MP3 downloads and uploads the files to the desired directory.

Gallery OG YouTube

  • (Figure 1.5):

  • (Figure 5.2):

  • (Figure 5.3):

  • (Figure 4.5):

  • (Figure 5.5):

That there is in the official YouTube app is no way to download video, of course. But features like free quality selection for the video stream and the opportunity to watch video even when the screen are absolutely makes sense (for example, listening to music).

Steffen Pochanke

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