Action! Recording program download

With the action! Recording program download gets her a screen recorder that can record all activities on the desktop and in particular of course games, whereby the eingesprochene comment can be added as well as the current and average FPS number is displayed.

Of the Action! Recording program download can also record all audio activities, convenient recording of Internet video is also possible. The video is shot in real time and in HD in MP4 format with low processor utilization. With the also available Software Action! Live streaming to upload your videos to famous sites like, hitbox, stream YouTube or Ustream. Using predefined profiles allows you the action! Recording program download exporting video files to formats for popular devices such as smartphones, consoles or portables. are also profiles for export and subsequent upload to Facebook and YouTube. The program, thanks to hardware acceleration to a high speed. While the screen recording simultaneous webcam recording is possible, which is then also displayed in the video.

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Action! Additional functions in the program included: recording program download

Action! Recording program brings as an extra with an integrated video player that allows you the direct viewing of recorded videos. In addition, the production of screenshots is possible with the program and it may only sound from, for example, be included for creating podcasts.

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